You want more out of your products, we hear you. That’s why we don't just turn out one-trick pony products—nope, more like multi-hyphenates you can mix and match to fit your lifestyle and budget. That means living life your OUAI to snatch realistic hair goals IRL. So you can actually style your hair by yourself, no celebrity glam squad needed, keep scrolling to discover five ways to cocktail OUAI products based on different needs for your hair type.   

OUAI Matte Pomade
1. Matte Pomade and Hair Oil
You already know the secret to fighting humidity, but let’s take it a step further, shall we? Yasss. When it’s time to style strands, babes looking to achieve frizz-less piecey texture without leaving hair parched will appreciate this tip—Matte Pomade and Hair Oil is a match made in heaven. Add a dime-size dab of pomade and 1-2 pumps of oil through your hands, rub the frizz-fighting fusion between hands then apply it though mid-length to ends. Matte Pomade lends an effortless vibe, while Hair Oil keeps flyaway down and shine all the way up.

OUAI Wave Spray, OUAISTED Dad Hat
2. Wave Spray and Soft Mousse
Curly hair, do care—the struggle to secure slinky, defined curls doesn’t come easily. Together, Wave Spray and Soft Mousse can cure your curly hair blues like a boss. First, bump up low volume by applying a palmful of mousse through wet strands. Expect a full-bodied ‘do after you blow dry that baby good, then take those tresses to texture town with Wave Spray. Add a few spritzes of our award-winning wave enhancer throughout and let rice protein give your tightly-wound mane supple separation and memory, for curls that can’t hear you over their next-level volume.


OUAI Shampoo, OUAI Conditioner

3. A Killer Shampoo and Conditioner Combination
We’ve already given you a rundown of how often to shampoo your hair. But beware boo, if you’re not using the right combination of daily care products for your hair type, you could be luring lifeless locks. To prevent any unwanted stress on your strands, consider using a shampoo and conditioner with different purposes. For example, if you’re the unofficial queen of color-damaged ends whose scalp tends to get oily fast—shampoo your crown and scalp with our Clean Shampoo for an instant detox of buildup, then hit the mid-lengths to ends with Repair Conditioner to strengthen and replenish much-needed moisture.


4. Hair Oil and Treatment Mask 
Listen, we love changing colors like we change stations—platinum blonde to honey brown to dusty rose pink, and back to platinum blonde. Whatever torture your tresses are taking from you, we have a magical moisturizing mix to mend any split ends (and hard feelings). We’re talking Hair Oil plus Treatment Mask. While those are the cocktail’s key ingredients, the kicker comes when you stir in your shower steam. For your hair to feel the damage remedy’s full effects, after you shampoo your hair in the shower, apply 3-4 pumps of Hair Oil on wet hair. Next, layer it with a full packet of Treatment Mask. Throw on a shower cap and let the steam fulfill your damaged hair's dream as you finish showering. Remove the cap after 5-6 minutes then rinse. Your hair will never shine brighter or feel softer than it does when it dries.

  OUAI Memory Mist
5. Soft Mousse and Memory Mist
If you needed another reason to invite Memory Mist to your vanity, here it is—the perfect party look is lost without it, literally. The style extender slash heat protectant holds your hairstyle until you shampoo it out, but also beats frizz to a punch. When it’s paired with Soft Mousse, the style is one worth wasting all your polaroid prints on. Fine or flat haired girls who want to fake bombshell volume in a flash: all you gotta do is start with Soft Mousse on damp hair. Let it air dry, or speed things up with your diffuser attachment. Once fully dry, spray Memory Mist in sections then activate with your flat iron or curler to lock in the look.


Matte Pomade

Hair Oil

Clean Shampoo

OUAI Clean Shampoo

Repair Conditioner

OUAI Repair Conditioner

Treatment Mask

Soft Mousse

Wave Spray

Memory Mist