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How We're Working Toward Environmental Sustainability

How We're Working Toward Environmental Sustainability

For us, sustainability is OUAI important. There’s room for improvement but we’re constantly working toward a better OUAI, because ultimately, getting greener means doing good for our earth. Keep reading to learn how we're lessening our environmental impact.  

Recyclable Shampoos & Conditioners:
Our Detox Shampoo is recyclable, just like all our FINE, MEDIUM, and THICK Shampoos and Conditioners. The bottle and cap are 100% recyclable and made from previously recycled plastics.  What about other OUAI products, you ask? Here’s a breakdown.

Fully Recyclable: Partially Recyclable:

Other OUAIs We’re Getting Greener:

Why Refill Pouches?

  • They use 60% less plastic than rigid bottles
  • They require less manufacturing and transport
  • They generate less CO2
  • They take up less room in landfills
  • Plus, they allow everyone who’s OUAI obsessed to refill three bottles per pouch, for the price of two, while doing some good for the earth
  • What other eco-friendly initiatives would you like to see from us? We’re listening!



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