The perks of having thick hair are aplenty. Thin, limp hair that falls fat, on the other hand, can be a buzz kill especially when you're attempting to style a fluffy, voluminous ponytail. The trick? Fake it 'til you make it with the tutorial above featuring gravity-defying gold Volumizing Hair Spray.

  1. Clip hair into sections and spray each piece with Memory Mist before styling
  2. Curl pieces away from the face
  3. Comb curls out with fingers
  4. Spray Volumizing Hair Spray at the roots in sections
  5. Pull hair back into a high pony
  6. Spray pony with Volumizing Hair Spray
  7. Add a scrunchie or Condom Hair Tie


Watch this tutorial for all over voluminous hair that's higher than your credit card limit