The half-up topknot takes no effort to create yet it's the finishing touches that could make or break its cuteness. Case in point: failing to fight flyaways or fill in areas where hair appears super-thin. Watch what we mean in this quick half-up topknot tutorial.

Half up topknot tutorial OUAI haircare OUAI Finishing Creme

  1. Section two front pieces and section with a clip
  2. Tie half of hair into a high ponytail
  3. Remove the clips holding the front pieces in place then tie them into a ponytail atop the existing ponytail
  4. Twist the second ponytail into a topknot and secure with a bobby pin 
  5. Apply Finishing Crème to tame flyaways
  6. Using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pro Palette and an eyeshadow brush, fill in any sparse areas around the hair line to create the illusion of fullness
  7. Spray Dry Shampoo throughout the bottom half of hair
  8. Rub Rose Hair & Body Oil over the top for a glossy finish


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