Curly, coily hair types, consider this easy half-up wash-and-go ponytail your fast pass to fierce strands for work. Key product Air Dry Foam, AKA the Wonder Woman of wash-and-wear, defines natural curl/wave and dims frizz's light; while Matte Pomade smooths misbehaving baby hairs. Sounds simple, right? Press play then bookmark this page for the next time you're forced to skip styling.  

  1. Scrunch Air Dry Foam all over damp hair
  2. Rub Matte Pomade between hands before gathering half of hair into a ponytail
  3. Secure with a Condom Hair Tie then a scrunchie
  4. Dip a toothbrush into Matte Pomade then run over baby hairs to lay edges
  5. Apply more Air Dry Foam for fluff and definition