A Cute Topknot and Scarf Tutorial

On those days you're bleakly tired and take it out on your tresses, resort to this cute scarf-adorned topknot tutorial that takes five minutes or less.

OUAI Haircare Topknot with Scarf Hair Tutorial OUAI Matte Pomade Kathleen Riley

  1. Spray Texturizing Hair Spray all over
  2. Tie a high ponytail then secure with a Condom Hair Tie
  3. Wrap the pony around the base of the ponytail, tucking in the ends into the hair tie
  4. Using your fingers, rub Matte Pomade over the crown to tame flyaways then go in with a toothbrush to tamp down any flyaways you missed
  5. Spray Medium Hair Spray all over to set the style
  6. Tie a scarf or bandana around the base of the topknot


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