How To: Mohawk Knot Braid


  1. Prep damp hair with OUAI Wave Spray then airdry or blow-dry with an Ibiza boar/nylon mixed bristle smoothing brush.
  2. When hair is dry, brush through thoroughly, then create a triangle shaped section from the edge of each eyebrow to the top of the head. Clip the rest of the hair away.
  3.  Using a small strand of hair at the front hairline, begin an inside out french braid/cornrow by adding hair from the sides of the section with each addition to the braid. 
  4. Continue braiding to the ends, then tease the ends to secure. Spray braid with OUAI Texturizing Hair Spray then use your fingers to pinch, pull, or rough up the braid to your taste, then clip away.
  5.  Create another section directly below the previous by using the end of a rat tail comb to gather hair right below the previous braid. Check the sides in the mirror to make sure your partings are straight and that the line is flattering from the profile.
  6. Use OUAI Finishing Creme on the sides to slick the hair smooth, then use OUAI Soft Hair Spray on a Mason Pearon brush to gather a super tight ponytail. Secure with a BLAX hair elastic.
  7. Spray OUAI Texturizing Hair Spray throughout the length of the ponytail, then create a regular three strand braid to the ends, using your fingers to rough up the texture and expand the braid.
  8. Continue steps 5-7 on two more sections of hair.
  9. Once you have all your braids, start creating knots and spirals until you’ve created a bun with each braid, securing with french pins and bobby pins.
  10. When you are finished, mist the entire style with OUAI Soft Hair Spray and spray on a toothbrush to brush away any flyaway or stray hairs.