Why Jen Atkin Created Rose Hair & Body Oil

When you’re Jen Atkin, mingling with the fierce and fabulous miles away from LA on the regular (think: Cannes, Dubai, Venice) is like brushing your teeth–a daily occurrence. So it was only befitting when Jen brought back a bevy of inspo from globetrotting, with an idea in mind to create something that mirrored the magic she spied while primping manes across the pond. The priceless product? Our Rose Hair & Body Oil, the sumptuous-smelling 2-in-1 that gives your locks and body a fresh-off-the-yacht glow while protecting both from the sun. We know why RHBO is the most major multi-hyphenate on the market but we've been fishing for the 411 on why Jen created it. Ahead, the OUAI Haircare founder fills us in on what inspired her to give RHBO a spot in the OUAI squad.

OUAI Haircare Rose Hair & Body Oil

When did you first come up with the idea to make Rose Hair & Body Oil? 

When we were crowdsourcing for our next product, we had so many requests for a duo oil that was multipurpose. It took awhile to perfect the formulation and scent but I’m obsessed with how it turned out and we’ve been getting amazing feedback.

What specifically inspired you to include RHBO in the OUAI lineup?
I wanted to create a multi-purpose and easy-to-use product that’s perfect for the girl on the go, especially for summertime.

What's your favorite way to use RHBO on clients?
I like to apply it as a finishing oil to add shine and moisture to the hair, and then I usually rub the residue on my own legs and body :)

What's your favorite way to use RHBO on yourself?
I love using the RHBO right after the shower because it leaves my skin feeling soft, illuminated and fresh. It’s also perfect to apply after a day at the pool/beach when your skin feels a little on the dry side.

Do you have any hacks for using RHBO?
You can use a dab on your wrist and neck as a perfume oil. It’s also great for dry cuticles and rubbing it on dry feet.

OUAI Rose Hair & Body Oil What makes RHBO so special?
It's the ultimate summer travel buddy because it's a 2-in-1 product for hair and body, and it's always liberating anytime you can cut down and not bring an extra bottle on the road!

What's the difference between OUAI Hair Oil and RHBO?
OUAI Hair Oil is a combination of African Galanga, Ama and Asian Borage oils, which keep hair color from fading while the RHBO is a fusion of Absinthium, Shea and Rosehip that help lock in moisture. Both Hair Oil and RHBO protect your hair against heat damage. An added bonus is RHBO, when used on skin, makes you smell like you own a yacht.

How did you come up with the scent for RHBO?
I’ve always been inspired by scents from my travels and I wanted to create something that was light, airy and pairs perfectly with a glass of rosé by the beach. The women in Dubai always have such amazing scents and rose is something I love smelling there.

Can girls/guys with oily and fine hair use RHBO?
Of course! The RHBO can be used on any type of hair. The Rosehip oil found in RHBO won’t leave the hair feeling OUAI’ed down and will leave your hair shiny and soft.

What are some ways you can cocktail RHBO with other OUAI products?
You can mix RHBO with just about any other OUAI product. For added moisture, I like mixing it with the Finishing Crème and Matte Pomade. It’s the perfect combo for added shine, hold and added texture to the hair.


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