We believe that beautiful hair starts with healthy hair and OUAI was born to return hair to its optimal state. When hair is in good condition, styling is simpler and you don't need to fight against your natural texture. We believe that life is hard—looking good should be easy. We make products for girls who work hard and want to have fun, too. The ‘OUAI girl’ is grounded, effortless, smart, and cool. Does that sound like you? That’s the idea!


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The big idea behind OUAI is to be a “breath of fresh hair”—a line for real life, for real women. We love the idea of luxury products that are simple, affordable, and classic in a world full of loud noise. At the same time, we want you to feel involved in the process because in order to be the brand we want to be, we know we will have to evolve with you, our customers, as we grow and you grow.

We love hearing all your comments and are constantly in conversation with stylists and hair professionals - feedback is everything so keep it coming! If you haven't been following our journey so far, start now! We like to share, and hear your ideas for the products that would complete your routine. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat (@theouai) for the inspiration you make the most of your hair. New things are happening all the time and we don’t want you to miss it!