If you had to choose your desert island hair product, what would it be? Wave Spray? Rose Hair & Body Oil? Maybe, but if you have dry hair, unruly frizz/curls or you’re just as obsessed as we are with the feeling of soft, shiny hair your answer should be clear; the Treatment Masque. The adorable silver packets –which are totally OG because they’ve been around since we launched– are easy to use, perfect for travel to work, the gym or on vacation and make your hair instantly more manageable and healthier after a single use. Yes, A SINGLE USE. If you aren’t already addicted, here’s what you need to know;


It’s cheaper (& faster) than similar in-salon treatments

An in-salon restorative treatment can be expensive and sometimes, adds around 40 minutes to your salon appointment. Who has time for that? With the Treatment Masque, you only need 10 minutes and it’ll repair, restore and revitalize your hair just as well as anything in the salon. If you’re even shorter on time, Jen suggests working the treatment through your strands before a workout then rinsing it out afterwards.


Everyone’s invited

The Treatment Masque is good for all hair types including long straight hair and super tight curls. Also, you can use the treatment as little or as often as you like depending on what your hair needs.


The Secret: Artichoke Leaf Extract

The masque works wonders in part because it’s made with Artichoke Leaf Extract, which seals the cuticle and protects hair from future damage. Artichokes extract is filled with strengthening minerals, bacteria-fighting vitamins and is known to slow the aging process of hair and scalp by creating a barrier against harmful stuff like the sun.  It’s also free of parabens and phthalates.


It’s award-winning

The Treatment Masque and it’s expert ability to repair damaged hair and mends split ends was named to Glamour UK's Beauty Power List and won a Glamour Beauty Award for Pro Hair Pick.


You can share the love (but you don’t have to).

We put the masque into single-use packets so that you used the right amount every time and didn’t waste any, but we also wanted you to be able to share them. Sisters, roommates, friends, coworkers - who do you know that wouldn't want a softer, smoother, better smelling hair?


It won’t weigh you down

One of the best things about the Treatment Masque and the #1 reason it deserves a spot on your desert-island list is that unlike most other hair masks on the market, it packs serious moisture without EVER weighing your hair down or making it look greasy. We know you don’t have time to for masks that get in the way of flawless, everyday styling.