By now, you know where to find the bounciest, full-bodied blowout of your life: in a bottle of Volume Spray. Fine-haired girls who can't catch a break are obsessing over our weightless volumizing mist's power to lift, soften, and serve serious heat protection. Here at OUAI HQ, though, we have more OUAIs than one to give flat hair the boot. Keep reading for the team's trusty volume hacks—with demos on how to get the big job done—from a naturally curly staff member to an air dry aficionado and more.

Gigi, Marketing Coordinator

I have naturally wavy hair so when I let it air dry, I love hitting it with Wave Spray and Texturizing Hair Spray. This combo creates volume and adds definition to my waves. When I'm styling my hair (and not being lazy), Volume Spray is my go-to! A few sprays on the roots and my blow out has awesome lift for the whole day.



Nina, Blog Manager

After I stopped refreshing my balayage every few months, I noticed my roots have been getting flatter way faster. Eek. To keep my tresses high, I shampoo with Volume Shampoo then condition only my ends with Repair Conditioner. I've also been on a heat hiatus for about four months, so after my hair air dries, I spray my roots in sections with Texturizing Hair Spray, flip my head over, spritz some more for good measure, then jeuge. Oomph factor doubles tenfold.  



Sandra, Customer Service Manager

I have been obsessed with Volume Spray since we started testing the formulas in the office! I have fine, flat hair so I always apply to damp hair from root to tip then blowdry with my Dyson Supersonic Dryer, making sure to create big waves with a round brush. After I blow dry in sections, I use a OUAI hair clip to create a big poof at the top of my head (think Jersey Shore, Snooki style, bump-it, etc). I usually leave this style for as long as possible (not in public!) and when I take it out, my hair has more volume than ever before.



Brittney, Director of Digital

I have naturally curly hair but over the course of a day, the roots can get a little flat. For those moments, I rely on our Soft Mousse, which may be the only mousse in the world you can apply while your hair is dry without looking like sticky, 90's Mariah Carey. I use a golf ball-sized amount, emulsify it in my palms and then distribute it evenly from roots to tips to wake up my curls and add some height at the roots. 


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