There's a difference between a good ponytail and an amazing ponytail, and that difference often lies in the execution of how it's tied. While not all hair ties are obnoxious, sometimes a tiny extra step can take your hairstyle up a few notches. Case in point: concealing the hair tie with a strand of your own hair. If you were ever intimidated to attempt this hack, we're here to help. The next time you want to add a little something to your ponytail or topknot, follow these genius hacks from Ashley Rubell, NY-based hairstylist and founder of Blank to Beauty. 

Hack to Hide Ponytail Hair Tie

  1. Pick a long piece from the bottom of your ponytail and use a tiny bit of oil to smooth the section before wrapping it around your hair tie. 
  2. Then spritz a little bit of hair spray directly onto your finger and sweep your finger around the base to really lock things in. 
  3. Secure the ends into the base with a matte bobby pin (matte bobby pins in your hair color are the easiest to conceal).

Hack to Hide Topknot Hair Tie

  1. My favorite way to do a top knot is to start off with a high pony, spray texture spray into your ponytail from the ends up and back brush for extra body. 
  2. Then split your pony into two and tie a knot (tie two knots if you have a lot of length to play with). 
  3. Lay the knot(s) down around the base of your ponytail to conceal the hair tie, and secure with matte bobby pins and/or Japanese hair pins. 
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