Whether you're prepared to hear it, bobs are here to stay and slay. Shocking, we know. But the short haircuts our favorite influencers have been serving are a chic albeit relentless reminder that a shorn 'do is a surefire way to shake things up in the beauty department for spring. Not to worry, though, because we've also uncovered a trend for those partial to long locks. Ahead, find your spring haircut with the help of top stylists hailing from the west to east coast. 

A-Line Bobs, according to Elizabeth Sustaita, stylist at 454 North Salon in West Hollywood

What to ask for: The cut I’ve been requested to do a lot is a variation of mid-length to collarbone length A-line bobs. Its popularity is not going anywhere—still. Ask your stylist what length will best suit you and the texture of your hair.

Best length & texture for this haircut: This haircut works on just about anyone with any hair texture, that is the beauty of it. For people with little to no texture going collarbone really helps create fuller looking hair. People with a lot of texture and fullness might want to consider going mid-length. The length helps weigh down the texture and overall volume of someone with naturally (big) hair. But depending on the client and how they wear their hair, going short on curly, textured, or big hair is so much fun too! This haircut works on any texture as long as you and your client agree they can handle their new length on an everyday basis. Whether it’s wearing it extra curly, wavy or sleek, consult with your hairstylist on how to style it.

Maintenance level (if 1 = low maintenance and 10 = high maintenance): I believe the difficulty of this haircut to be a 3. It's as easy as you allow it to be. Wear it straight, wavy, or curly—it looks good. If it's either too flat or too full, add some texture with a curling iron or flat iron and spray some texture spray at the root. If it's gotten too frizzy or big, you can add some serum to smooth flyaways and add smoother curls with a curling iron according to size of natural curl or texture you're trying to achieve. As for haircut maintenance, it's usually a good looking grow out. If you started at collarbone you can grow all the way to a mid-length. If you started at mid-length you’ll need a cut after 3-4 months. An A-line any longer then mid-length begins to look weighed down.


One-Length Bob, according to Shelby Samaria, stylist at Suite Caroline Salon in NYC

What to ask for: My most requested cut is “a chin length” or a “slightly above the shoulder” one-length bob. Although it’s been around forever, I refer to it as the French girl bob. Usually my approach is a bit more organic and fresh with finer textures of hair. When it comes to curly hair, I go with a clean, structured approach. Ask your stylist if you could still pull your hair back or how to adjust it to all routines within your lifestyle. Or exactly what to do with you hair for certain lifestyle routines like exercising, etc. Also, consider new products options and styling regimens for your new cut.

Best length & texture for this haircut: Fine to medium straight hair. Fine to medium wavy/curly hair. On coarse, kinky curls, you should only cut to this shape if your  length is on the longer side with even lengths all over considering overall shape and possible shrinkage. Side note: This cut is perfect for AFRO curly hair DRAMA! Which I love!!!! But only if you want the hair drama!

This cut NEVER works on thick, or extremely thick hair. To specify: fine curly, or fine wavy hair with tons of density, unless the client is prepared to have tons of weight taken out, I usually still don't recommend it. The cut would never sit properly and it would take lots of at home maintenance. Also, NEVER on super frizzy, unruly fine curly or wavy hair. In some cases, the hairs would be more puffy, rebellious, and difficult to control increasing the day to day TLC and maintenance.

Maintenance level (if 1 = low maintenance and 10 = high maintenance): For fine to medium, straight hair 1-2. Fine to medium wavy/ curly hair 2-3. On coarse, more kinky 1-4. It really depends on how fine and the overall density of your hair plus product use.

If it’s a great one length cut, personalized for that specific client’s hair texture, it should be extremely easy. The cut itself Is naturally very structured and should sit subtle enough so that very little maintenance is needed. Even during the growing out period, there’s fun in exploring the different lengths of the bob. Be sure to go over products with your stylist, in some cases your hair texture may change due to the change in length and density.


Long Minimal Layers, according to Alex Brown, owner of Alex Brown Studio in Chicago

What to ask for: This spring, you’ll be seeing a lot of long, shiny gorgeous haircuts with minimal layering. A few layers around the face are nice for movement, but Cher from Clueless is definitely the inspo.

Best length & texture for this cut: It's very helpful to show your stylist photos of haircuts you love as well as haircuts you don’t love to make sure you're both on the same page about what you want. Long hair with minimal layers and slight face framing is great for any hair texture.

Maintenance level (if 1 = low maintenance and 10 = high maintenance): Long hair with minimal layering and face framing is as much maintenance as you’d like it to be. This hairstyle can be air dried, however it looks really nice flat ironed or curled as well.


Blunt Bob, according to Buddy Porter, stylist at Mèche Salon in Beverly Hills

What to ask for: My most current requested cut is a blunt bob above the shoulders. I really think this haircut will continue trending well into spring. If you want the bob as full as possibly, ask for a one length blunt bob above the shoulders, and just below the chin. 

Best length & texture for this cut:  My favorite texture for this spring haircut is slightly wavy or straight medium to fine hair. It adds a lot of fullness and air dries beautifully. The cut will work on most hair textures, but be wary if you have extremely high density or extremely frizzy hair as the haircut will be high maintenance with styling. 

Maintenance level (if 1 = low maintenance and 10 = high maintenance): I’d give this haircut a 5. Based on cutting maintenance, you’ll want it reshaped every 6-8 weeks which I consider often. But on most hair textures, it will require very little styling.

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