There’s something so ‘je ne sais quoi’ about French-girl beauty. Aside from their enviable style, their hair and makeup always looks polished, yet effortless, and somehow sexy yet understated. It’s a tricky balance, especially with the sheer amount of beauty advice and products out there these days. So instead of another how-to, here are a few things you should if you want to look like you belong in Paris (don’t we all).

Avoid: Trendy Cuts & Color

You never see a classic French woman with bright pink hair or excessive highlights, right? That’s because their goal is for their hair to be understated and subtle. Also, they want their hair to be a classic representation of who they are, not a sign that they paying attention to celebrities and magazine trend forecasts.  Keep your cut simple and your colors muted (within a few shades of your natural and not too red). Tip: Ask for painted balayage highlights instead of foils.

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Avoid: Layers

The French are not fans of a super-layered look because it messes with thickness. Ask your stylist to slighting thin out your ends and keep layers long, if any. You can still get ‘piecey-ness’ without layers by finishing your look with a paste like our Matte Pomade.

Avoid: The ‘Effortless’ Trap

This is where a lot of Westerners make mistakes about French women. When they talk about it, French women seem like they don’t put a lot of effort into their hair - but that’s because their entire culture is different about beauty! What they define as ‘effortless’ is actually a lot more involved than you think. French women know very well how to style their own hair (curls, blowouts, sleek buns etc.) and they devote time every week to take care of themselves and their hair. If you want to emulate French-girl level effortless, add regular Treatment Masques to your routine, sleep with Hair Oil in your bun and keep up with your bang trims!

Don’t Avoid: Yourself

Ok this isn’t part of our ‘what to avoid’ but it’s important to note; French beauty is hinged on subtle individuality - the kind we’re all born with. We know that sounds hokey but it’s so true! If you have a cowlick,  janky-waves or sun-highlights - embrace them! Nothing in Paris is cookie-cutter perfect.