It tough enough as it is to get motivated for a workout, so how you ‘recover’ your hair afterwards should require as little effort as possible. Follow these 4 super easy workout hair commandment and you’ll make the transition from the gym to work (or happy hour) faster, easier and more stylish.


Before You Sweat

Prepare for a sweat session with a little Dry Shampoo in your hair. It’ll seem weird to do it before you start working out but will soak up oil as you sweat leaving you with much less ‘cleanup’ after class. Also, take a page out of Khloe K’s book and workout in a style that works with the hair you want to wear when you’re done. Try braids (they create waves) a loose pony (no kinks) or a low slung center-part ponytail (which works great as prep for a top knot, surprisingly)


Recovery Mode

As you cool off, towel dry any excess sweat and then blast your roots with a blow dryer, focusing on your roots. This will give your hair a little more volume and will zap any remaining sweat. If you had a particularly tough workout, start with our Dry Shampoo Foam then go in the dryer. If you do so, your hair will look as clean as the day you last showered. If, after all that, you’re still lacking volume, flip upside down and backcomb a few strands throughout.

 OUAI Haircare Freshen Up Hair After A Workout

Style Seriously

After a workout your hair will likely be a little limp and dull. To hide this while still looking stylish, opt for a style that doesn’t rely on your hair to look it’s absolute best. Think top knots, the trendy wet hair IRL look or a sleek ponytail. Keep a straightner in your bag to touch up any ends that have curled up or pieces that won’t stay flat.


Cover The Smell

No matter how sweaty you workout session was, your hair should smell nothing like your sports bra when you leave the locker room. To mask any odors that remain after you’ve styled, spritz your hair with our Soft Hair Spray (Ouai No. 2 Fragrance) and dab a little Hair Oil near your ears and on your neck.