One of most unanswered questions in hair is without a doubt; how often should I visit my stylist for a cut? Obviously there are a ton of factors to consider when landing on a number, like whether or not you color your hair, what your hair type is or whether or not you are trying to maintain a certain length or style, but as a general rule - we are firm believers that haircuts are only necessary 2-3 times a year as long as you are taking care of your hair in the meantime.


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Yes, you read that right - 2 or 3 times a year! If you are using great products at home, applying heat protectants (like OUAI Hair Oil), and are diligent with weekly treatment masques, you shouldn't have to trim your hair too frequently in order to preserve length.


So don’t worry so much about forking over cash for trimming appointments and focus more on investing in your daily/weekly care routine. Purchase a treatment masque (or two) and cut down on heat styling, it’s that easy! Try this; once or twice a week, pop your hair into braids with oil or a masque and treat through your workout class or during the day. If you haven’t yet, try our perfectly portioned Hair Treatment Masque packets – great for on the go!