Should the word balayage—the popular French hair color technique that means "to sweep"—bore you, allow us to introduce a hair color trend we're digging that won't—painted tips. Displayed gorgeously most often by twin sister DJ's Simi and Haze Khadra, the perfect-for-commitment-phobes look has the potential to add a pop of low-maintenance color to blondes, redheads, and brunettes alike. As opposed to the ombrè technique (which creates a gradient blend of color from mid-length to ends), painted tips cover just that—the ends of your hair. Longer lasting painted tips will require a bit of bleach, but if you're reluctant to wrestle with peroxide, you can still test-drive the hair color trend via non-permanent color sprays and chalks. Kevin Murphy's Color.Bug Colored Hair Shadow comes in electric shades of neon pink, orange, and purple while the Bumble and bumble Bb. Color Stick offers statement hues of pacific blue, lilac, and pale pink. Those feeling ambitious and lusting after painted tips that last longer than temporary chalks and sprays but less than permanent bleach should reach for Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Semi-Permanent Hair Color Tints, which offer a variety of 13 fantastical shades. Ready to tip the scales in your strands' favor? Scroll ahead for our favorite examples of the painted tips hair color trend. 

Painted Tips in Process


Flamingo Pink Tips



Mulled Wine Tips



Diamond Blue Tips



Hot Pink Tips


Blush-Burgundy Tips




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