Way back before we ever launched OUAI Scalp & Body Scrub, we introduced Rose Hair & Body Oil (RHBO), a lightweight, silicone-free oil that hydrates, nourishes, and imparts a dewy glow to locks and body. Our first hair and body product, RHBO is still one of our best-selling products for treatment and styling. Refresh midday curls, nourish dry cuticles, hydrate dry patches on the body, achieve a glass hairstyle, smell like you own a yacht—you name the goal, RHBO gives it.

And if you only wash their hair once a week, RHBO is the only styling product you need. Watch the hair tutorial above to see hairstylist Macayla Martin from The Pine Petaluma Salon test-drive RHBO to create shiny, soft waves that'll carry her through her long week.

OUAI rose hair and body oil soft shiny waves hair tutorial diffuser Dyson hair dryer

  1. Apply 3 pumps of OUAI Rose Hair & Body Oil into hands then work through clean towel-dried hair (rub the excess onto your hands and/or body)
  2. To accelerate drying time, use the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer and diffuser attachment on low fan speed
  3. Lift gently at the roots while diffusing 
  4. Twist 1-inch sections away from the face and finish air drying or continue to diffuse until 90-100% dry
  5. Let hair cool to set waves then gently brush ends and shake out

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