It's embarrassing how many scrunchies we own (and continue to buy). We justify hoarding the beautiful bands of elastic because, well, there's one to beautify every look. Though recently halting our bad scrunchie habit is an accessories trend train we were fast to hop on: the scarf. Reminiscent of 90's supermodel style, the scarf outdoes the scrunchie in the sense that it can adorn a mane a hundred different ways—around low buns, intertwined in a braid, on flirty ponytails. Put simply, if the scrunchie and scarf went head to head in a game of tress twister, let's just say the scarf would win. What's more, when you're looking to transition between multiple events in the same 24 hours, the scarf has the ability to double as a Parisienne-inspired neck scarf. Talk about très-chic champion multi-hyphenate. 

When (because it's not a matter of "if") your strands are ready to embrace the scarf, consider Donni, a female-owned brand offering multi-purpose bandanas that double as tops from the neutral color family; or mini printed silk scarves from UK-based Anna Coroneo

For a tip on tying the scarf around the tresses of a voluminous ponytail, click play on the tutorial ahead, and continue scrolling for more ideas on how to incorporate the scarf into your locks' life. 

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Low Braid

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Baby Bun

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Messy Bun

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Braided Ponytail

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