The Secret To Making Your Hair Look Better In Photos

If you think all of your favorite models and celebs have natural waist length hair, sky-high volume and perpetually healthy locks, think again. What they do have, however, is team of talented stylists that know exactly how to make their hair look it’s best in photos. Want in on their stylist’s secrets? We got you, girl.  After all, OUAI is all about scoring red carpet-ready hair without the glam squad. 

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Use a Root Concealer

Root concealers may market to people trying to cover up their grown out roots (duh) but you can use them to make your hair look fuller, too. Use a little along the hairline to erase thinned out spots and along your part to instantly boost fullness. This trick is a red-carpet essential, even Kim K does it!

Rely on Products

If you really want to know how top hairstylists fake healthy looking hair and higher than high volume, it’s all in their products. Something like our Soft Mousse can create full bodied hair, Hair Oil can add dazzling shine and Medium Hairspray can keep your style in place all night. Don’t be fooled into thinking a look you want is ‘all-natural’. Rely on products, it’s what they’re made for!

Pay Attention To Placement

All your efforts to fake fuller hair can be ruined by the placement of your hair when you pose for a photo. To make it seem like you have a lot of hair, pull it all in front of your body. If you have long hair and you plan to use this trick, just make sure you add volume with a Texturizing Hair Spray or Soft Mousse before hand so that your hair doesn’t end up looking too heavy at the ends.

Play With Extensions

You might be under the impression that extensions are used only to add length, but in the celebrity and fashion world extensions are also used for added volume - even in buns and ponytails! Thicker hair always photographs better so don’t be afraid to play with extensions. Just be sure to blend them properly so they aren’t visible. The best way to make em stay is to add grip before you clip with our Dry Shampoo.