In its most recent years, Paris Fashion Week's runways have progressively churned out the opposite of its usual cluster of intricate, impossible-to-achieve hairstyles—relatable, effortless looks that require neither guidance from a YouTube tutorial nor a plethora of products. For it we're grateful to the designers because it means French girl-chic is that much closer to entering our wheelhouse of amateur hairstyling skills. This season was no different. Ahead, feast your eyes on the beauty trends from the croissant capital we're confident anyone can create. 

1. Chanel

Karl Lagerfeld brought the sand to the City of Lights in a beach-chic show where models got slight bends adorned in signature Chanel barrettes or feathered hats as a nod to the '70s jetset.


2. Jour/Né

Jour/Né revived ‘80s thick headbands on tousled bobs, and updos secured with colorful wooden bead accessories. 


3. Dries Van Noten

Feathers in hues of autumn were tied within imperfect updos infusing a dash of fall flavor at Dries Van Noten.


4. Valentino

Extravagant glam featuring bedazzled lids and bold red pouts stole the show at Valentino. For the Halloween makeup, anyone? 


5. YSL

At YSL, dramatic dye jobs and jewel-encrusted headbands matched the allure of the shimmering runway, the water-filled esplanade against the Eiffel Tower lined with white palm trees.


6. Alexander McQueen

Inspired by rites of passage and the journey of women, Alexander McQueen's collection centered on black leather frocks and florals paired with slicked down pigtail braids.


7. Ingie Paris

Sleek, snatched buns at Ingie Paris lent to the romantic French feels of chiffon tops and ruffled cocktails gowns.

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