The One Product You Need to Create Kardashian Inspired Waves

The holiday season is here and we're all on the hunt for occasion worthy hairstyles that don't feel too done alongside a high-octane outfit. Enter: Kardashian-inspired waves. They're sophisticated, versatile and easier to achieve than you think. The key is using the right products to keep waves from turning flat or frizzy before the night's over.


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To avoid the ‘f-words’ (flat, frizz, fail) and rock Kardashian-inspired waves all night long, there is one product you NEED to invest in; mousse! Unless you have naturally perfect waves, and actually, even if you do, a good mousse is they key to waves that work and stay working. Mousse, applied to damp hair creates hold and body and gives a much needed lift at the roots.  If you have short-to-medium hair,  start at the root with a dollop of mousse and work the products outward. Go in with a second dollop if you have thicker/longer hair.
For those who need an additional boost (all you stick straight haired girls), add wave spray from mid-lengths to ends. This will add the perfect amount of texture and memory to your hair without weighing it down. The trick with a wave spray is to not spray too close to your head and to make sure the product is distributed evenly from root to end.
Have you tried this Kardashian inspired look? If not, shop our Soft Mousse and Wave Spray and make waves!