New season, new hue, new city—whatever the culprit behind your dry hair, your strands are thirsty, and we know just what you need to quench them. Ahead, find an arsenal of products for dry hair (and itchy scalp) that hydrate and restore the dry mane you deplore.  

best products for dry hair OUAI Scalp & Body Scrub dry hair tips

Scalp & Body Scrub

Our head of innovation (the man behind the ingredients in OUAI) formulated Scalp & Body Scrub specifically with dry, itchy scalps in mind. Think of the foaming scrub as Windex for your scalp but with moisturizing properties from star ingredients coconut oil and a blend of probiotics. Use it alone or mix it in with your favorite OUAI shampoo to hydrate, cleanse, exfoliate, and add shine to hair.  



best products for dry hair OUAI Leave In Conditioner dry hair tips

Leave In Conditioner

Your hair on Leave In Conditioner will not only feel and look softer but also calm frizz for the perfect air dry or foundation pre-heat styling. Spritz onto damp hair and let the tamarind seed extract go to town on your dry ends.



best products for dry hair OUAI Dry Supplements dry hair tips

Dry Supplements

If your mane resembles the bristles of a broom, remedy the parched problem with our Dry Supplements, potent pills packed with Omega 3 fatty acids, Silica, Vitamin E and Iron. They infuse moisture back into the hair and leave it feeling soft sans breakage after just 90 days. 



best products for dry hair OUAI Hair Oil dry hair tips

Hair Oil

It's our best-selling Hair Oil for a reason—your dry hair. The nourishing concoction uses African Galanga, Ama and Asian Borage oils to add shine and protect hair color from fading plus it leaves a trace of our signature Rue St Honoré fragrance: Violet, Gardenia, Ylang Ylang, and White Musk. Apply a dime-size amount to dry ends on towel-dried or styled hair.



best products for dry hair OUAI Repair Shampoo dry hair tips

Repair Shampoo + Smooth Conditioner

Like our ultra-hydrating Treatment Masks, Repair Shampoo uses smart keratin to strengthen and repair damaged, dry hair. To double up on moisture, follow with Smooth Conditioner, a soothing conditioner that calls on OUAI Smart Technology Complex to soften and calm strands without weighing them down. 



best products for dry hair OUAI Rose Hair & Body Oil dry hair tips

Rose Hair & Body Oil

What do Rose Hip Oil, Shea Oil, and Absinthium Oil have in common? The mission to moisturize your dry locks and body from head to toe. Get in on the fusion of reparative fun with Rose Hair & Body Oil, our resident multi-hyphenate that smooths, illuminates, and instantly does away with dry hair.



OUAI Treatment Mask dry hair products dry hair tips

Treatment Mask

Hydrate on the go or in a hot shower with our artichoke leaf extract-infused Treatment Masque, a healing mask that repairs dry, damaged hair in minutes by sealing the cuticle, and leaves it feeling luscious after just one use. Expect silky, shiny hair that smells of Melrose Place, our signature fragrance that contains notes of Rose, Bergamot, Lychee, Cedar-wood, and White Musk.


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