Oily, dry, thinning, coily, color damaged—you have 99 problems and deciding what products to use for your hair type is one. Tackle the tress tussle head on with our special offer happening today through November 26th—buy two, get 50% off of any full-size styling product of your choice with code HALFOUAI. Need help deciding what products to add to your cart? Ahead, find your ultimate hair goal and the best hair product combinations to meet it.

Repair Heat and/or Color Damage

Products you'll need: Repair Shampoo and Conditioner, and Treatment Masque. Bleach, overuse of heat, keratin treatment—you do the crime, your hair does the time. Repair damaged hair and fortify breakage-prone hair with Repair Shampoo and Conditioner, our most nourishing daily care combination that uses Smart Keratin to mend. For an added boost of hydration, use Treatment Masque, our restorative mask that seals the cuticle via Artichoke Leaf Extract and protects from future damage.  

Bouncy, Defined Natural Curls

Products you'll need: Curl ShampooCurl Jelly, and Rose Hair & Body Oil. The first step in any curly girl's routine should be Curl Shampoo, our light, hydrating cleanser that restores curl moisture. After the foundation for frizz-free curls has been laid, apply gel-oil hybrid Curl Jelly to damp hair for soft, cushiony curls that bounce. To infuse a hint of moisture and shine to second-day curls, massage in Absinthium Oil-infused Rose Hair & Body Oil wherever needed. 

Remove Grease and Product Buildup

Products you'll need: Scalp & Body Scrub and Clean Shampoo. Consider this combo a super-detox for dirty hair and itchy scalps alike. Add a small amount of our gentle foaming Scalp & Body Scrub to Clean Shampoo (the refresh button in shampoo form) to cleanse overworked hair, remove product build up, and protect your skin's natural defenses.  

Shiny Glass Hair

Products you'll need: Memory Mist and Hair Oil. If you're wondering whether you can pull off he glass hair trend—the sleek, shiny straight hairstyle gracing the manes of Kim Kardashian to Emily Ratajkowski—know that you can, no matter your hair type. The secret? Prepping dry hair with Memory Mist, the heat protectant that protects from heat up to 450 degrees and locks in any style or texture until your next shampoo. Once the straight look is set, gently apply a few drops of Hair Oil for a high-gloss finish that feels and looks expensive. 

Non-Frizzy Wash-and-Wear Waves

Products you'll need: Leave In Conditioner and Air Dry Foam. Naturally wavy and curly hair types will appreciate this revolutionary hair product combo for wash-and-wear waves. Post shower, spritz Leave In Conditioner on towel-dried hair to detangle and calm frizz then comb through. Now it's time to scrunch in 1-3 pumps of Air Dry Foam, our wash-and-wear formula that enhances wave pattern to create soft, touchable waves sans heat styling or a frizzy strand in sight. 

Detangle Coarse or Thick Hair

Products you'll need: Smooth Shampoo and Leave In Conditioner. For those who are used to brawls between your tangled tresses and the brush, reach for award-winning Smooth Shampoo, the frizz and knot whisperer that calls on OUAI Smart Technology complex to cleanse, calm frizz, and smooth hair all without weighing it down. Then follow up with Leave In Conditioner for extra moisturizing properties passed on from an amino acid blend and hydrolyzed proteins.  

Volumize and Lift Thin Hair

Products you'll need: Volume Shampoo and Volume Spray. The kind of shampoo you use can make or break your ultimate hair goal, and that's especially true for flat, thin hair types lusting after big, voluminous locks. Hence the reason your first step to fluffy hair should be Volume Shampoo, a body-building cleanser that leaves hair looking fuller. After the shower but before you blow your hair out, count on Volume Spray to add long-lasting lift and thickness (tip: apply on damp roots) to your finished look.

Beachy, Texturized Waves

Products you'll need: Wave Spray and Dry Texture Foam. You don't need a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit contract to flaunt beachy, supermodel waves. Nope, it's as simple as starting with Wave Spray on damp hair. The rice protein-infused texture mist adds hold and memory for that just-went-for-a-dip 'do. Top it off with Dry Texture Foam for a lived-in, texturized finish that lasts all day.

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