Hear that? It's the sound of spring calling—your hair color's due for a spring cleaning. Ahead, study a fresh selection of hue favorites for the sunny season, straight from celebrity colorists behind the locks of Margot Robbie, Beyoncé and your favorite influencers.

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Denim Blue

Danny Moon, owner of Hair.Vision Salon, creator of Major Moonshine products, and the man responsible for taking Kanye West swirly gold tells us:

I’m having fun coloring clients denim blue right now. It’s soft on the eyes and at night looks natural. It’s the gateway color to a bright color. When taking someone natural to a more colorful shade, a color like denim is nice because it’s not startling or too bright.

Denim blue is a flat blue that fades really nicely. When requesting this blue ask for a flat blue, a medium neutral denim blue or a silver medium blue. A little bit of lavender in the color can be good too. The lavender cancels out any yellow when the color rinses out, which allows the wear-out on this color to be really flattering. 

Nicole Richie is a great example. She did dark denim blues to brighter blues. The contrast between her playful colorful hair and chic style will go down in the history color books.


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Soft Magenta

Cherin Choi, co-founder of Nova Arts Salon in Downtown Los Angeles' Arts District says:

A popular spring color is lavender that washes out to a beautifully toned blonde. Try a color that is soft and looks great on everyone. Another spring favorite is pink with dots of magenta, which fades a pretty blonde. It's an easy temporary color that you can have fun and play with.

I recommend having your colorist make you a color conditioner. That way you can control the shade and the fade process with something your colorist is comfortable working with.


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Baby Blonde

Rita Hazan, the woman behind Beyoncé's hair color, and founder of Rita Hazan Salon and eponymous product line is all about:

Baby blonde and sunkissed. Ask your colorist for more of a yellow, buttery blonde with very light highlights to accent. Jessica Simpson, Reese Witherspoon, and Madonna are good examples to take in for inspiration. The best way to curb brassy tones is to use Rita Hazan True Color SystemBreaking Brass Ultimate Shine Gloss, and Weekly Remedy Treatment.


Dimensional Blonde

Justin Anderson, dpHUE Creative Director and the man behind Margot Robbie's flaxen locks notes:

For this spring and summer the grown out, lived-in look is gone. Women are going back to taking care of their roots and having a more pulled together look. Ombré is out—taking care of your roots is in. The shade of blonde most women are looking for has dimension and golden tones. No more ashy “Instagram” blonde. Ask your colorist for a dimensional blonde with a softened root. 

The best product to use to maintain this color is the dpHUE ACV Hair Rinse! It will remove buildup and impurities from the hair that cause color dullness and in addition lock in your color. Use the dpHUE Argan Oil to maintain shine and hydration. It is a clear and lightweight oil, so it will not tint your hair color or weigh the hair down. This will leave your blonde hair looking shiny and bright!

Chestnut Brown

Alen Mehrabian, owner of Alen M Femme Coiffure Salon and colorist to Madison Beer and all the major models in LA and MIA is into:

Medium rich brown with some lighter pieces around the face frame, which means summer is coming! Going a bit lighter is always a good idea. 

Tell your colorist you want a rich medium brown like chestnut with some light sun-kissed pieces around your face. 

The best shampoo to maintain your beautiful brunettes is Playa Every Day Shampoo. It contains coconut water and sugar beet extract, safe for everyday use, plus sulfate and paraben free. 

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