Soon spring will have sprung and you'll be inspired to make a swift change in the hair color department. To learn how to transition your hair color from a winter to a spring palette, we asked three major colorists to weigh in. Keep reading to find out the top spring 2019 hair color trends you'll be seeing everywhere, surprisingly all of which are low maintenance and embrace your natural hair color. 

Copper Brown, according to Cherin Choi, co-owner of Nova Arts Salon in LA's Arts District

What to ask for: Warm brunette tones with a copper accent. 

Looks flattering on: It shouldn't match your skin tone. The highlights should be darker or lighter than your skin. If you have red or pink undertones, it's important to find just the right shade with your colorist. 

Maintenance level (if 1 = low maintenance and 10 = high maintenance): 6. The warmer tones fade quickly. Depending on the technique, the color lasts differently. My highlights last a long time but that rich copper tone will fade with every wash. 

Daily care: Try cleaner products like OUAI Clean Shampoo and Conditioner or Mr. Smith Shampoos


Butterscotch Brunette Highlights, according to Sara Lim, Color Director and Educator of Australia's Edwards And Co. Salon

What to ask for: Dark base, fine highlights around the face and ends dimensionally tipped out. Keeping lots of depth and an all over gloss to tone down the highlights so they aren’t blonde. 

Looks flattering on: These would look good on naturally brunette women with medium to dark eyes, prominent brows, and olive to tan skin. The highlights are subtle but placed strategically to accentuate the haircut. They would also look great on someone who not only styles out their hair, but wears their hair air-dried with a breezy spring dress. 

Maintenance level (if 1 = low maintenance and 10 = high maintenance): 5. It's an easy grow out because of the dark base. Highlights would be needed every six months, and a gloss every three months to maintain the butterscotch tone.  

Daily care: Virtue Full Shampoo, Virtue Smooth Conditioner, Virtue Restorative Treatment Mask, and Olaplex No.3.


Natural and Dimensional, according to Chris Greene, celebrity colorist and stylist from Beverly Hills' Mèche Salon 

What to ask for: So many of my clients are opting for a much more natural look. Staying closer to their natural color with lots of subtle dimension. Not so ombré and not so highlighted looking. Ask for a color close to your natural with lots of subtle dimension. 

Looks flattering on: This look is great for everyone! It’s your natural color whether it be blonde, brunette or red but better. Amped up with highlights and lowlights that are a shade or two different than your base. 

Maintenance level (if 1 = low maintenance and 10 = high maintenance): I’d say it’s a 3, low maintenance. You can do the full job once and then come back a month or two later to touch up your base or even just a gloss.

Daily care: I’m loving Olaplex Shampoo and Conditioner. The OUAI Treatment Masque is amazing for moisture and keeping your color looking flawless.


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