National Relaxation Day might happen yearly, but once you get a jar of Scalp & Body Scrub, you'll be able to celebrate the have-a-glass-and-chill holiday on a weekly basis. Coming soon to the site, our deep-cleansing scrub exfoliates and softens the scalp to relieve flakiness and itchiness leaving your mane looking extra-shiny, while unclogging and nourishing pores for glowing, pillowy skin. To find out the secret behind the scrub's amazingness, we sat down with Dustin Cash, Head of Innovation at OUAI, and asked him all our burning questions–keep scrolling for answers.

How many tries did it take before you and the team formulated the winning recipe for Scalp & Body Scrub?

It took a year and a half. We really tried so many different OUAIs to get it perfect—we’ve tried salt, blueberry seed, walnut, and all kinds of different mechanical exfoliators to land on sugar crystals. Salt is really drying, and our goal was to reduce dry, itchy scalp so salt wasn’t a good companion for that. Sugar, on the other hand, is super gentle. 

In addition to sugar, what other ingredients does it contain?

The whole idea for the product was to help women with their dry, itchy, flaky scalp. In addition to sloughing off the dead skin cells, reviving glowing skin on your body, reducing product buildup, and creating a soft scalp, we also wanted to go back and replenish the good bacteria that you have in your skin. Everyone has a great assortment of bacteria in their skin naturally, but what happens is we go through the day and pick up bad bacteria that our scalp accumulates throughout the day, causing redness and itchiness. So we infused Scalp & Body Scrub with probiotics to boost your body’s natural defenses. 

Is it free of sulfates?

Yes! We wanted to make it sulfate-free so that it was very gentle. And the scrub is foaming which is really innovative, because there aren’t products out there are both sulfate-free and foaming. So it took a long time to get that right.

What’s the best amount to use?

Start out with a quarter-size amount in your hand, emulsify, target areas around your scalp then go into that Herbal Essences moment, and rinse.

Is it safe for all hair types?

We tried it on people who have bleached hair and everyone in between to make sure it works on all hair types—and it does.

What does it smell like?

OUAI's Melrose Place fragrance, which contains notes of Rose, Bergamot, Lychee, Cedarwood, and White Musk. 

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