In a perfect world, fighting frizz wouldn’t call for a million products and you could slay it whenever, wherever, without breaking the bank. FYI, we made that dream come true for your ‘do when we launched Anti-Frizz Sheets last week! A fairytale ending to your frizzy hair days starts with these sheets, which de-frizz and add shine with just a few swipes. They’re the sheet, you’re the shit—it’s a match. Scroll down to see what we mean, and for 11 reasons why saying sayonara to frizz with this sheet is so fun.

OUAI Anti-Frizz Hair Sheets

1. They’re like blotting papers, but for your frizz
What your can't-live-without blotting papers do for your T-zone, our Anti-Frizz Hair Sheets do for your uncontrollable flyaways and frizz (without leaving an oily or waxy residue). Basically, they're best thing in hair since Memory Mist

2. But they do OUAI more than a plain ol' dryer sheet
Is your dryer sheet infused with coconut oil? Shea butter? Didn’t think so. The coconut oil in Anti-Frizz Sheets calms frizz and smooths flyaways, while shea butter provides lightweight shine for a radiant finish.



3. Without any harsh chemicals or animal testing

Because you treat your hair, face, and body like a temple, Anti-Frizz Sheets do too. They’re free of parabens, sodium chloride, and animal testing.


4. And in case you’re wondering, YAS, they work on thick, curly hair
This sheet is the shit for all hair types suffering from frizz, flyaways, and static-y hair—coarse curls included.


5. Just a few swipes over and down your crown will banish flyaways
Whether you were born with frizzy, static-prone strands or you’re just experiencing a frizz flare up in v. unfavorable weather conditions, simply swipe one sheet from root to ends to quiet your crazy frizz monster.



6. And make your dry, crispy ends look healthy while you're at it
Because we've experienced crunchy balayage ends first-hand. A few swipes of this sheet work just like our Hair Oil to repair, protect, and enhance shine. 



7. But don’t get it twisted, you don’t need frizz to use them because they also add gorg shine

For a boost of never-greasy shine or to buy time to see your colorist, use this sheet to revitalize lackluster color (and cash flow).

8. And they fit anywhere you pack ‘em
Like, literally, they’ll even fit in between your bra so when you need a speedy frizz fix during your Friday night tomfoolery, Anti-Frizz sheets got you and your bestie's back for whatever ratchetness you get into.


9. So you can smell heavenly and fight frizzy hair whenever, wherever
If you love the scent of our Hair Oil and Rue St. Honore Fragrance then raise ‘em to the sky: Anti-Frizz Sheets contain the same exact smell—OUAI Nº4. Each swipe leaves behind a trace of mmm.


10. And add moisture to dry hands when you’re Debbie desperate
Because sometimes you’re waiting for a first date or a job interview to start and you notice your scaly hands. Anti-Frizz Sheets to the rescue. Swipe over dry areas for a healthy sheen to hold you over 'til lotion.


11. Plus, you can feel good about your Earth-saving New Year's resolution
Anti-Frizz Sheets are made of eco-friendly hemp paper, which means you can drop this sheet in your recycle bin when it’s tapped out. Leonardo DiCaprio would be proud and Mother Earth will love you for it.