We have some good and bad news. The good news is we’re half way through summer and you can still get the body you’ve always wanted—at least for your mane—with drumroll, please...OUAI Volumizing Hair Spray! The bad news? You have to wait two weeks until you can get your hands on it. Ooh tell me more about it in the meantime, you say. Made for all hair types, our new amplifying hair spray delivers long-lasting volume that’s higher than your credit card limit. Talk about making money moves for your mane.

OUAI Volumizing Hair Spray

Limp hair got you feeling low? Volumizing Hair Spray combines a powerful blast of air with volumizing polymers so you can spray your way to the top. And because you’re probably wondering how they differ—unlike OUAI Volume Spray, Volumizing Hair Spray is meant to be used on dry hair only (check back here tomorrow as we break down more differences between the products).

OUAI Volumizing Hair Spray OUAI Volume Shampoo OUAI Volume Conditioner

For volume so big it could make a Texas beauty queen jealous, separate dry hair into sections, spray Volumizing Hair Spray at the root and scrunch for instant body that’s never sticky. Volumizing polymers lift and freeze the hair into place without the crunchiness while sidekick ingredients panthenol and vitamin E add shine and protect hair from future damage. For all-over added thickness, start with Volume Shampoo and Conditioner in the shower then on dry hair, spray Volumizing Hair Spray from root to ends. And voilà—just like that you can have plump strands that touch the sky. 

OUAI Volumizing Hair Spray

Defy gravity and smell divine at the same damn time—Volumizing Hair Spray is infused with our Melrose Place fragrance which contains the same hints of Rose, Bergamot, Lychee, Cedar-wood, and White Musk that you love from Rose Hair & Body Oil and Treatment Masque

Pump it up—Volumizing Hair Spray drops July 31st!