Here at OUAI HQ, we never go home—we only go big. With an office full of our newest squad member, Volumizing Hair Spray (VHS for short), it's only right for us to walk around with hair higher than Texas beauty queens. What's getting us extra high on life though? The fact that VHS can elevate each of our respective manes despite everyone's different hair types and textures. Gasp. It's true. Prepare to be amazed at VHS's Herculean blast of volumizing polymer power, as demonstrated below by the girls in the office. 


Arie, Product Development Manager

Hair Type: Thick and wavy.

Favorite OUAI to Use: By picking up the top 1/3 of my hair, blasting the spray close to the roots and scrunching and lifting with fingertips until my hair is higher than a kite.


 Leandra, Marketing Coordinator 

Hair Type: Straight, thin, fine, and a little damaged. 

Favorite OUAI to Use: My fave way to use it is by sectioning the top pieces of my hair into several pieces and spraying my roots with VHS. Sometimes I’ll use OUAI Dry Texture Foam on my ends for extra thickness. 



Brittany, Director of Digital

Hair Type: I have loose curls that can be a little flat at the root and weigh down the overall style. 

Favorite OUAI to Use: I throw some Volumizing Hairspray at the roots in layers to get all over lift and body. 



Sara, Digital Coordinator

Hair Type: I have very thick hair that is slightly wavy and this current heat wave is causing my hair to fall extra flat.

Favorite OUAI to Use: I love using Volumizing Hair Spray in the morning on my dry hair, starting with my hair flipped upside down then spraying into sections at the root where I need an extra lift. It gives me the extra lift and volume I need throughout the day that survives my hectic day.


Nina, Blog Manager

Hair Type: Wavy/curly, and dry.

Favorite OUAI to Use: From mid-shaft to ends my hair is curly and wavy but at the top it's flat and heavy. I usually spray VHS in sections starting at the crown then I make sure to spray a bunch in layers near my bangs. Then I pinch my bangs to sorta jeuje them, flip my head over, and done. I also use OUAI Dry Shampoo Foam on the outer parts of my hair at the crown for even more volume and shine.



Jesse, Office Manager

Hair Type: On the thicker side and tends to get oily at the roots.

Favorite OUAI to Use: I’m always looking for ways to get more volume. After I shower and blow dry my hair, I use a straightener to add some waves. Then I separate my hair into sections and spray Volumizing Hair Spray from the root to the ends, scrunch, and get an instant lift!


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