Here at OUAI HQ, our favorite products might rotate depending on new launches (hi, Hair & Body Shine Mist!) but for the most part, everyone on the team has that one true OUAI love. In honor of National Employee Appreciation Day today, we're sharing our staff picks to help you find your favorite OUAI. Keep scrolling to get to know the team and the products we can't live without including our favorite OUAIs to use them.

Gigi, Marketing Coordinator

Hair type: Thick, coarse, long

Favorite OUAI product: Hair Oil. As my hair ages, it has become more dry and dull looking. I have also been experiencing sporadic grey hairs which are wirey, so the Hair Oil really helps to soften and add shine to my hair. My favorite way to use the hair oil is on damp hair. After I towel dry my hair, I will apply two pumps in my hands and distribute the majority of the product to the ends of my hair and some to roots of my hair. I also love how you can use the product on dry hair as well. It’s great to tame fly aways and add shine before running out the door.

 OUAI Staff Picks Treatment Mask

Sarah, Sales & Education Specialist

Hair type: Thick with a little wave, and long

Favorite OUAI product: Hands down it's Treatment Masque. My color-treated hair craves it and it has kept my hair looking incredibly healthy and easy to manage. Now that it’s in a tube, I’m even more obsessed with it and I never travel without! My favorite way to use Treatment Masque is in my hair dry prior to washing and let it marinate for about 15 minutes. When I rinse it out my hair feels silky smooth and detangled without any weird silicone-y residue. I’ve used almost every hair mask under the sun and OUAI’s continues to reign king.


James, Production Manager

Hair type: Wavy and short

Favorite OUAI product: I like a semi-wet look, the Matte Pomade gives me hold and the Finishing Crème gives it a shiny wet look.  

Leah, Social Media Coordinator

Hair type: Thin, oily roots/dry ends, long

Favorite OUAI product: Air Dry Foam because I am generally not good at styling my hair nor do I have time most mornings. After I shower, I spritz the Leave In Conditioner all over and then put it up in a Aquis hair wrap. After doing my makeup, I take it out and use about three pumps of the Air Dry Foam throughout my hair, flipping it and scrunching to add volume. Then just leave it to dry.

Cara, Retail Operations Manager

Hair type: Short, black, super straight and thin (not necessarily in a bad way, but it's def not thick!)

Favorite OUAI product:

Ted, Art Director

Hair type: Straight, medium thickness

Favorite OUAI product: Texturizing Hair Spray makes my hair look naturally styled and not greasy or sticky looking. I love to use it after I blow dry my hair for height. Just a few sprays is all I need.


Nina, Blog Content Manager

Hair type: Frizzy, wavy, long

Favorite OUAI product: Anti-Frizz Hair Sheets! The ultimate hack for lazy girls. I don't use any heat tools whatsoever so you can imagine my frizz flares up from time to time. Before heading out to an event or meeting, I always swipe an Anti-Frizz Hair Sheet from roots to end. It adds shine and calms my frizz so it looks like I smoothed it out with a heat tool or just got a gloss, but actually didn't lift a finger. The best part is that I save the other side to use on another day. 


Chris, Sales & Education Specialist

Hair type: Short, wavy, dry

Favorite OUAI product: I love the Scalp & Body Scrub because it helps me keep my scalp clean and healthy with all the product I use. And it smells unbelievable! I love to grab a quarter-size and emulsify it in my hands a little then start at my neck line and move my way up. I leave it in for three minutes then rinse with cold water. So fresh! So clean!  


OUAI Staff picks memory mist 

Ysheka, Sales & Education Specialist

Hair type: Relaxed, and right now it's bob length. It can tend to be a little dry at times. 

Favorite OUAI product: Memory Mist. It definitely has kept my hair healthy from heat during this growing out phase. I've been able to maintain my styles without having to use heat everyday. So it protects while I style and keeps me from having to style so much.



Michelle, Director of Global Retails Accounts

Hair type: Long, thick, wavy

Favorite OUAI product:

Memory Mist is my absolute must have product that I can’t live without. My hair is thick and by the end of the day any styling I’ve done has fallen flat but with Memory Mist, it locks in my style and extends it for an extra day or two.  It also protects my hair against heat from the blow dryer and straightener.


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