Ouai Supplements Spotlight: Thin

We feel like now is a good time to to tell you; that horse shampoo you’re using? Yeah, it’s not actually making your hair grow any faster. Unfortunately, shampoo alone doesn't have the power to kick start legitimate, lasting hair growth. Thicker, longer locks are built from the inside. But before you get discouraged (we know you want to grow out those bangs) keep reading, good things are coming!

Ouai Haircare Thinning Supplements

After two years of testing, we’re finally ready to launch a 3-piece line of supplements, customized to address your hair health from the inside out. One of the three -Thinning - is for you if you feel like you hair just isn’t what it used to be, whether that’s a loss of volume or luster. It’s also a must for girls growing out their lobs or realizing that maybe bangs aren’t for them after all. Thinning works for pretty much anyone who wants better hair and more of it (so, everyone). It’s a powerful punch of vitamins and nutrients that supports healthy growth and restores hair to its glory days.

Here’s what in it:


Stop the witch-doctor hair growth remedies and buy Thinning HERE.

Let’s all get #OUAIAddicted together.