How annoying is oily hair? Seriously, it’s the worst! Even if you love Dry Shampoo, there’s no glamour in having to depend on it just to get you through the day, everyday. And washing every night? No thanks! There’s already not enough time in the day. But what can you do about it, right? I mean, we all know our products don’t actually change anything long-term about our hair. Well here’s a little a secret; supplements change things - from the inside - and lucky for you, we have just the right ‘prescription’ for your oily hair.

Ouai Haircare Oily Hair Supplements

For years, Jen’s been sending her A-list clients to the pharmacy with lists of vitamins meant to solve their worst hair issues but she’s finally concentrated  her ‘prescriptions’  into 3 different supplements that will available to everyone. Oily, one of her three MD- formulated concoctions, is designed for the girl who has to wash everyday. It works to restore the scalp’s natural balance, operating a bit like an oil blotter and helping to extend your time between washes. Only one pill a day re-balances your sebum production and nourishes your scalp. If you can’t leave the house without a tiny bottle of dry shampoo and rice papers then you need this in your life. Take it for 90 days and let’s talk.

Here’s what’s in it:

  • Green Tea Extract to regulate regulate oil gland function
  • Niacin to naturally reduce sebum production
  • Biotin to accelerate your natural hair growth
  • Omega 3 & 6 to make your hair shiny, radiant and nourished without being greasy

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