Imagine having to choose one favorite OUAI product. Duh, Dry Shampoo, because less work equals more time to play and slay. Ooh, but Rose Hair & Body Oil gives that head-to-toe glow on the go. And how can you forget about Finishing Crème? The lotion-like magic potion that makes piecey, frizz-free hair happen every time. When it comes down to it, it's kinda close to impossible, right? Well, we'd never make you play favorites (because, TBH, how?!), but we made the team at OUAI HQ choose. Cruel? Maybe. Fun slash enlightening? Def! Keep scrolling to see which product each babe from the OUAI squad crowned her favorite and a boomie of their must-have in action.


Hannah, Marketing Director

Hair Oil. I use it as a hot oil treatment like Huda Beauty, or on days my hair could use a boost of moisture, I run two pumps through my ends for instant repair and shine.


Sara, Digital Coordinator

Wave Spray. It is the easiest, no-fuss product for enhancing my natural waves. I spritz it in my hair after a wash, throw my hair in a bun and forget about it. Once my hair is dry, I take out the bun and voilà—easy, wavy texture without the hassle and crunch. 


Gigi, Marketing Coordinator

Dry Shampoo Foam. Not only does this product eliminate grease from my hair, it also adds volume and leaves my hair smelling amazing. I love giving my hair the foam treatment on day 2 and 3 hair, or before a night out.


Amanda, Social Media Manager

Finishing Crème. I sleep like an animal so I wake up with super frizzy hair. I use a dime-size amount through my hair and boom, I’m back to day 1 hair in a flash.


Sandra, Customer Service Manager

Treatment Masque is my jam. I pop it in my dry, sad ends before going to SoulCycle and put my hair in a low bun. The heat of the workout really gets it working and I just shampoo it out after it’s been in for about 1.5-2 hours! Makes my hair silky smooth pre-blowout. 


Leandra, Marketing Coordinator

Smooth Spray gets me the perfect air dry. Post shower, I apply it all over my wet hair minus the roots, then brush through with a comb. By the time I get to where I'm going, my natural texture is on point, and my hair feels soft. Oh, and frizz? Nowhere in sight.


Brittney, Director of Digital

It's incredibly difficult to decide since I love ALL the products, but I think I have to choose our Finishing Crème, since it's so multi-use and I apply it both when my hair is curly and when I blow it out smooth.

For the former, I apply it once my curls are completely dry to reduce any poofiness and frizz. It takes the curls from looking like I just ran out the door to like I made an intentional style choice. For the latter, I add to damp hair for heat protection and it gives my fluffy, amateur blowout salon level smoothness without the need for a straightener. 


Nina, Blog Manager

Texturizing Hair Spray all the way! After making S-waves with my flat iron, I spritz my roots in sections with the super lightweight dry shampoo-hairspray hybrid. It gives my crown the perfect grit and volume for jeuging my hair to bombshell perfection. On lazy lock days, or if I'm rushing to work, I spray it on mid-length to ends, and it makes my mane appear as though I did something—works every time.

P.S. I keep a Texturizing Hair Spray Mini in my glove box, another one in my purse, and I never ever fly anywhere without packing one in my carry-on.




Hair Oil

Wave Spray

Dry Shampoo Foam

Finishing Crème

Treatment Mask

Smooth Spray

Texturizing Hair Spray