While cleaning my desk at home, I found a sheet of paper from 2015 that had my original thoughts for what I wanted OUAI to be and do.

    • Empower women through the confidence that comes from feeling effortlessly beautiful

    • A hair care line that offers luxury at a more affordable price point and strives to be simplistic and timeless in a world full of noise

    • Promote realistic beauty

    • An international brand that engages with its customers all around the world and maintains a REAL dialogue to create products the community really wants

    • Take advantage of the power of social media to crowdsource decisions and keep a finger on the pulse

    • Evolve with our customers

      OUAI Sephora Award Best Digital Player

      OUAI team Jen Atkin

      Two years in, I feel grateful to be able to say...we did it, and it seemed like a good time to take a moment to reflect and THANK YOU ALL for your support in helping the brand become what it is.

      To the OUAI fam: Your enthusiasm for these products helped us break records and gave us the latitude to become a truly global brand. In 2017 alone we brought OUAI to Canada, the UK, France, Australia, Dubai, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore! All of you using social to weigh in on everything from product packaging to formulas is what makes us a success. This instant global feedback is incredible and the outpouring of comments has helped form our brand identity.

      Thank you for engaging with us and sharing your experiences with your friends and followers, tagging us in your flat lays, wearing your Dad Hats and OUAISTED sweatshirts, showing off your model-off duty bends, air-dried beach waves and perfect curls. You’ve kept me and the OUAI team inspired and excited to come to work every day to do what we do.

      OUAI Sephora Kuwai Oahu London

      OUAI Sephora Jen Atkin

      OUAIsted Dad Hat

      OUAI Instagram Live OUAI Fragrance Set Jen Atkin

      To my clients and friends: Who taught me so much about working hard, being humble and focused, and not letting anyone tell me no. I’m so grateful for every Google alert, press mention, Snapchat, and magazine article where you mention OUAI. Thank you for not only being my guinea pigs but for being my cheerleaders. I love you ladies.

      OUAI Jen Atkin Huda Beauty Mona Kattan

      OUAI Volume Spray Katherine Power

      OUAI Shampoo Steph Shep

      To digital influencers: Who prove to us all that anything is possible if you work hard and have a passion for what you do. We have not paid one person to post about OUAI. I am so proud to look at our analytics and see the authentic growth of the brand, thanks to these powerhouses disrupting the way beauty and fashion brands grow.

      Makeup Shayla Shayla Mitchell Karen Sarahii Jen Atkin

      OUAI Jen Atkin Carly Cardellino Julie Schott

      OUAI Dry Shampoo Foam How To Desi Perkins

      To hairstylists: Who have embraced and supported both me and OUAI, DMing and emailing their congratulations on new product launches and marketing campaigns. I hope to do whatever I can to help create a platform to showcase the amazing, talented salon and editorial stylists out there who work on our shoots and use OUAI every day.

      OUAI Texturizing Hair Spray Kylie Jenner App Tokyo Stylez OUAI Scotty Cunha Adir Abergel Reese Witherspoon

      To my husband: Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for always encouraging me to stay true to my vision and trust my gut and for giving your hours to help create campaign ideas and brand events. This month is also the 9 year anniversary of when we met and you’ve made my life so much better every day.

      OUAI Supplements Mike Rosenthal

      OUAI Matte Pomade Mike Rosenthal

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