Now that you’re in the know about our upcoming Air Dry Foam, the perfect wash-and-wear product for girls with wavy or curly hair, it’s time for a little refresher on the different foam products we carry. Let’s take a trip down memory foam lane, shall we? The current OUAI foam lineup includes Dry Shampoo Foam, Dry Texture Foam, and Air Dry Foam. Three foams, endless ways to use them. Easy. Less easy is knowing their nuances. In a nutshell, Dry Shampoo Foam refreshes hair without water, Dry Texture Foam adds a lived-in textured look, and Air Dry Foam gives you frizz-free waves without a curling iron. Now let’s talk nitty-gritty—keep scrolling for all the in-foamation you need to find the right foam for you as we break down the differences between Dry Shampoo Foam, Dry Texture Foam, and Air Dry Foam including the best hair types for each, when and how to use them, their scents and more. 

OUAI Dry Shampoo Foam

Dry Shampoo Foam

When to use it: I have time to wash my hair and style it, said no one ever. In a nutshell, that’s why we created Dry Shampoo Foam, a water-less foaming dry shampoo meant for cleansing oily hair after the gym, erasing product buildup when you’ve used too much, adding instant volume, and extending the life of your blowout. Key ingredient Diatomaceous Earth removes grease and product buildup while Panthenol hydrates and protects hair against future damage. 

How to use it:

  1. Shake the can 
  2. Dispense a ping-pong size to hand and emulsify
  3. Starting with dry hair, apply to the scalp and hair in sections
  4. Thoroughly massage in (like you’re washing your hair) until absorbed and dry (takes up to 60 seconds)

The hair types it’s best for: Every hair type can go hard or go foam with Dry Shampoo Foam! It’s also ideal for fine-haired girls who need volume, and for thick haired-girls when Dry Shampoo spray just doesn’t cut it. If you’re trying to extend time between washes or you change your mind about your hairstyle midway through styling, Dry Shampoo Foam is for you. 

The fragrance: OUAI N°2, a beautiful floral fragrance containing notes of Bergamot, Italian Lemon, Rose De Mai, Magnolia, Lily, Blackberry, Violet, Cedarwood, Amber, Patchouli, Sandalwood, and White Musk.


OUAI Dry Texture Foam

Dry Texture Foam

When to use it: Dry Texture Foam is our wheat protein-infused texturizing foam that creates instant undone texture and thickness that lasts all day. More like a matte pomade without the weight, the invisible-feeling foam is good when you want a little grit and body sans frizz. Think Kate Moss after-party texture and fluffly, piecey French girl perfection.

How to use it:

  1. Dispense a quarter-size dollop into hands
  2. Apply to dry hair from the ends up for workable, lived-in looking texture
  3. Blast roots with Texturizing Hair Spray for added lift

The hair types it’s best for: Straight and fine hair that’s desperate for undone texture and thickness—Dry Texture Foam will do you real good. Note that Dry Texture Foam won’t enhance natural waves, but more it’ll mess up existing waves/curls in a good way. Learn more about it in our Dry Texture Foam for Dummies Guide.

The fragrance: OUAI N°2, the same addictive scent in Dry Shampoo Foam, Wave Spray and Leave In Conditioner.


OUAI Air Dry Foam wash and wear hairstyle air dried waves

Air Dry Foam

When to use it: When you want perfect air-dried waves, count on Air Dry Foam to get you there—no buns, braids or heat tools required. Packed with Kale Extract for soft texture that never gets gross or crunchy, the wash-and-wear foam creates perfect air-dried waves that have a more uniform pattern.

How to use it:

  1. Massage into damp hair
  2. Scrunch
  3. Go!

The hair types it’s best for: Wavy or curly hair can’t live without a bottle of Air Dry Foam. The major time-saving wash-and-wear foam activates natural wave and texture thanks to Kale Protein, and provides humidity resistance and reduces frizz with help from Carrot Protein. 

The fragrance: OUAI N°2, just like her foam friends Dry Shampoo Foam and Dry Texture Foam.