Tracy Nour first popped onto our radar when she hashtagged us in one of her beautiful flat lays. Naturally, we started insta-stalking and fell in love with her feed and that red hair (she’s half Irish half Egyptian btw). Soon enough, we started chatting about her trend forecasting and social media business, She Just Knows, her favorite products and where she likes to hang out in LA. Read the whole interview below.


Ouai Haircare and Tracy She Just Knows


Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do--you’re a true multi-hyphenate.

    Always start with the toughest question! I guess I consider myself an “influencer” in the fashion, home and beauty space, which is always a strange word to say about yourself. However, being an “influencer” is something that brings me more joy than you could imagine. Sharing things I find (I’m a wild online shopper), trends I’m into (or not into), products I can’t get enough of - that’s what keeps me going and makes me genuinely happy. I’ve been doing that my whole life with my friends and family so now being able to have a real platform to do it on is incredible. Besides working on my own personal brand, I work with other brands and influencers on their social media, which is what keeps me the most busy and takes up most of my time.

    What inspired you to start blogging and how did you turn it into a full time job?

     I’ve worked in fashion since I graduated college, first at Kitson where I became the beauty buyer for the company and its 12 locations. I learned so much at that job: everything about buying and merchandising; things I could have never learned in school. After a few years I left and went to Forever 21 because I wanted to learn more about women’s apparel. Eventually I became a Senior Buyer and Product Developer and loved every minute of it. I left that job in October of 2015 to pursue She Just Knows. I didn’t give myself an option of SJK working out. That’s kind of my nature: when I make a decision, I go at it will full-force and never once do I let my brain go to the place of “what am I going to do if this doesn’t work.” When I started SJK, I intended on my business being trend presentations to companies, personal styling and other random fashion freelance gigs. After a few months of pushing for those things, I realized what people really wanted from me was help with their social media, so I adjusted my business model and focused on this (always listen to your customer!). After a year and a half, I have 20 clients. Simultaneously, while working with other brands, I started my own Instagram page (@she_just_knows) as a collection of my inspiration: images I liked, editorial shots, quotes, interiors, etc. and when it grew to 15,000 followers in less than 3 months, I knew I was doing something right and could use that knowledge to help my clients even more. I’ve now converted the page mostly into personal style, but I keep the inspiration there when it really moves me and I want to share it.

    As a trend forecaster, what do you think we should be looking out for?

    So many things! My favorite “trend” right now is oversized winter jackets/parkas. I’m living for that look! Separately, my biggest piece of style advice is don’t try to get too crazy, especially if you don’t have tons of money to spend on clothes. Keep it simple: neutral colors, solids, things that can be mixed and matched easily with everything else in your closet. You can also subscribe to my forecast on my website so you can get all my thoughts on the 1st of every month!

    You live in Venice, where should we stop in your neighborhood?

    favorite place to get iced tea (I’m off coffee for the time-being) is the TOMS store on Abbot Kinney. I also work there a lot… I love the vibe and that I can bring my dog with me. We spend a lot of time on Abbot Kinney in general just shopping and eating, probably a few times a week. We also go to Scopa on Washington any chance we get - it’s probably my favorite restaurant on the Westside.

    Tell us a little bit about your getting ready routine.

    After I shower I have a serious routine I put on my face. First, I put this acne serum from AE Skin that has cleared up my face SO much. A lifesaver. Then I put on Murad Brightening Serum to get rid of my freckles and sunspots from my days of refusing to put on sunscreen and also from tanning beds - eek! I’m ashamed to say that but I think we’ve all done it. After that, I put on AE Skin’s Hydrating Serum with Hyaluronic Acid for serious moisture, and lastly, SPF 40 moisturizer from Elta MD. Once my face is all set, I use OUAI Soft Mousse in my hair, put it in a messy low bun, maybe (if I’m feeling fancy) put on some mascara, get dressed and I’m out the door. I try not to wear too much makeup or do too much to my hair on the weekdays in an effort to preserve. Who knows if it really makes a difference but I’ve convinced myself it does so...

    Who is your hair icon?

    The Olsens, no question.

    Who cuts your hair

    Simone Consor at Refuge Salon - we’ve been best friends since we were 10 so she’s one of the few I trust to cut my hair.

    Ouai And She Just Knows
    What products are always in your shower/ on the ledge of your bathtub?

    Honestly this list could go on forever… the Ouai Repair Shampoo & Conditioner is an absolute must. It’s changed my hair drastically. St. Ives Even & Bright Pink Lemon and Mandarin Orange Body Wash is game-changing and at any drug store. If it’s the weekend or a special occasion, I’ll use my Le Labo Rose body wash. I switch between Facile face wash and Amore Pacific, depending on if I’m broken out or not. Facile is best for acne and the Amore Pacific makes my face so soft.

    Any hair secret you want to share with the world?

    Blow dry and straighten only when you absolutely have to. Air dry as much as you can! The OUAI Repair Masque also makes a huge difference if you have super dry or treated hair.

    Tell us a couple of non hair things you love?

    Sugarfish, gold jewelry, camels

    We know you’re into wine--what are you drinking right now?

    I thought you’d never ask… JUSTIN Wine - either Justification if you can find it, or the Cabernet which you can get at most grocery stores. It’s my absolute favorite.


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