We're two weeks into 2018 and your health and wellness game is on point. When you find yourself waning (wait for it—it happens to the best of us), and in need of novel food/fitness tips, recipes and all around good vibes to fuel your body and mind resolutions, look no further than How You Glow, a healthy lifestyle blog founded by natural foods chef and holistic nutritionist Tara Sowlaty and Jessie De Lowe, certified yoga instructor and art therapist. Because Tara's feed oozes wanderlust and natural beauty, naturally, we crushed hard on her. Below, Tara talks leaving fashion for entrepreneurship, her favorite natural and organic beauty products, and her destination packing essentials.

Job title: Co-Founder How You Glow, Co-Creator The Crystal Manifest, Holistic Nutritionist, Natural Foods Chef 

Neighborhood: West Hollywood, but end up in Venice half the week

You’re a creative director, natural foods chef, and holistic nutritionist. How did you get into those roles? 
I’ve been obsessed with aesthetics since day one. I had a fashion line in high school with my sister, Roxy, and always thought I’d be in fashion forever. I graduated from college with a business degree, and an emphasis on entrepreneurship, because I always knew I wanted to work for myself. It wasn’t until I was diagnosed with a digestive disorder (Crohn’s) that I got into wellness and realized how incredible the power of food really is! The rest followed super naturally, as I blended my passion for food, health and creativity into one.

Why did you and Jessie decide to create "How You Glow"?
We created How You Glow because we wanted to create a wellness destination that had a more chic and modern approach. We both believe that health really has to do with finding the vibrancy wherever you are, everyday. It’s not just about green juice and chia seeds, it’s about finding that amazing book, the best cookie, amazing travel spots and beyond. We aim to find the goodness and share it with others. That’s where the magic happens. 

Tell us a little about your everyday beauty routine.
My everyday beauty routine is pretty streamlined and simple, and usually leans more on natural products. I like my hair more on the undone vibe. After the shower, I load my hair up on OUAI Rose Hair & Body Oil, and braid my hair, so that I get natural and chill waves. I’m not so into super straight hair or blow drying. My makeup routine is similarly chill, I love a good cheek and strong lashes. I’ve become obsessed with Kosas lipsticks too, they have the best neutral shade range, and they recently came out with cheek blush and creams which are amazing too. For lashes I use W3ll People Mascara mostly, and when I need some extra drama Lancôme Hypnose Mascara is really the best.

What’s your favorite way to refresh hair after a sweaty workout or yoga sesh?
OUAI Rose Hair & Body Oil!

OUAI Crush Tara SowlatyBy the looks of your feed, you’re quite the jetsetter—what do you always pack on trips?
I always travel with essential oils, my crystals, and Jao Hand Sanitizer. I also always pack healthy snacks; turmeric Kore shots, something fresh like an apple, a Perfect protein bar or Elemental Bar, and some dried fruit. I almost always pack carry-on, so travel-sized beauty products are key as well as travel bottles from my favorite Japanese wares shop Muji

What’s a beauty or health hack every girl should know?
Beauty and health truly start from within, when we are happy and confident that goodness radiates outwards and creates space for more beauty and wellness. In terms of products, I really think that beauty is prescriptive and the best tip I could give is to find the products that work best for YOU. 

Do you swear by any DIY recipes or ingredients for shiny, healthy hair?
Yes —coconut oil 💯 

What are 3 things you’re obsessed with right now?
My Herbivore Rose Quartz Face Roller // coziness always // impactful simplicity 

OUAI Crush Tara SowlatyFavorite Instagram accounts to follow:

Book you would read over and over again:
The Alchemist

Beauty product you can’t live without:

Ah so many! Nucifera Balm, True Botanicals Nutrient Mist, MZSkin Golden Eye Treatment Masks, KNC Beauty Lip Masks, Vintner’s Daughter Botanical Serum


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