OUAI Crush Steph Shep

When she’s not driving dune buggies in Dubai with Kim Kardashian West or yachting alongside Cassie in Sorrento, Steph Shep (full name Stephanie Anne Sheperd) is still living her best life. She might’ve picked up priceless perks while prancing around the world with the posh and popular, but those extra-long, shiny locks of hers? All props to Steph for those. Ahead, the PYT keeps it 100 on the secret to a flawless IG feed, LA’s worthy hotspots, and the most important beauty advice she got from her celebrity friends.


Neighborhood: My billing address is in Los Feliz, but I stay in Beverly Hills.

You have a friend visiting for 48-hours. Where do you tell them to go?

Breakfast: Beverly Hills Hotel Fountain Coffee Room

Lunch: Mauros at Fred Segal

Pick-me-up: Alfred's Tea for a rose milk boba tea

Dinner: Marvin

Drinks: Roger Room 

For shopping: American Rag Cie

For fun: The Korean spa on Olympic (be prepared to be super naked)

For vibes: LACMA

Job title: Vice President of The Kim Kardashian West Fan Club

How do you describe what you do to your parents?

I don't. My dad think I'm a secretary and my mom just takes blurry photos of me on TV and posts them on Facebook. 

Favorite OUAI Product?

The Wave Spray.

steph shep

3 things you’re obsessed with right now:

  1. Bill Maher 
  2. The Food Network
  3. Being a better person

You’re busy AF, can you share some beauty short cuts for the girl on the go?

Hair in a braid always works. And take care of your skin so you don't have to rely on makeup.

You travel all around the world for work (and for play) so you seem like the right person to ask: Where should we go on our next vacation?

Maldives or Disney World. 

Your Instagram is legendary. What’s the key to a good feed (aside from having a picture of yourself smiling with Barack Obama)?

Just keep it real. Don't try so hard.

OUAI Crush Steph Shep

Favorite Instagram accounts:

@attndotcom - issue-driven media. Stay woke!!!!!!

@bambilegit- my girl crush<3

@overheardla- you'll only get it if you live in LA though.

@piaarrobio- my bestie's captions and aesthetic are 100.

You’re surrounded by some of the leading beauty experts in the world from dermatologists to stylists and makeup artists: What’s a tip you use all the time?

Drink water, and sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen!

OUAI Crush Steph Shep

We have to ask for all the aspiring mermaids—how do you keep your hair that long and healthy?

I don't apply any heat! I maybe get a blowout once a month but I use OUAI Shampoo and Conditioner, and Sally Hershberger 24K Hair Oil, air dry, and I'm good to go!

You’re an outspoken feminist, how do you manifest that in your every day?

How can I not? Our rights as women and as Americans are being challenged daily. It's my moral responsibility to speak up. 

What career advice would you give to your younger self?

Drink less alcohol and wake up earlier. Can I also say something to the people? Be nice to each other. Don't be a hater. It may feel like this world is burning around us, so start with yourself. One act of kindness can set it all into motion. Issa fact.


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OUAI Crush Steph Shep