Remember the mermaid mane that made a splash with Memory Mist last month? Those forever-summer strands belong to our crush Sarah Peinado, a stylist from Long Beach California, whose life on IG looks like one sun-drenched beach day mixed with adventures from Mallorca, an island in Spain. Ahead, Sarah lets us in on her speedy thin hair hack, her tropical getaway packing essentials, and how she stays healthy on a destination vacay.


How did you start your career in styling?
I used to model a very long time ago, and the stylist at a frequent client of mine was leaving. She suggested to the director that they give me a shot, and it just worked!

Tell us a little bit about your morning routine?
I’m not really a morning person, especially early morning, so my routine is usually kept to a minimum because of time. I hit snooze a couple times, make a smoothie for the road, and RUN out. Somewhere in between showering and getting dressed, I always make sure to put on eye cream and get some OUAI Texturizing Hair Spray on my roots!

OUAI Crush Sarah Peinado

Favorite OUAI Product?
The Texturizing Hair Spray all year long (and a close second place for the Hair Oil). My long hair weighs down what tiny volume I have, so this spray really saves me from looking embarrassing.


What's your go-to hair hack? 
I like to put my hair in a low bun when it’s halfway air-dried after a shower. This is a pretty boring hair hack, but it’s how I get real-looking beach hair without having to use a curling iron. I’m super into not looking like I curled or did my hair ☺ My hair is long enough where I can wrap it in a bun without a hair tie (this is key to not getting weird kinks and creases). After I take the bun out, I use the Texturizing Hair Spray on my roots and front ends.

 OUAI Crush Sarah Peinado OUAI Hair Oil OUAI Texturizing Hair Spray OUAI Rose Hair & Body Oil

How do you change your beauty routine for warmer weather?
I definitely lather on the coconut and/or argan oil more. I really try to do it day and night, to maximize both hydration and restoration. Everything else pretty much stays the same. My skin loves warm weather so I let it soak up the humid beach air all it wants. My skin looks more plump (in a good way) during the summer or on vacation trips.

What are three things you can't live without right now?
I can’t live without lip balm. I vary between non-toxic brands, but right now I like JOJO Sculpt Oil. The other two would be GT’s Kombucha in Tantric Turmeric, anddd of course, under eye concealer, gah.

OUAI Crush Sarah PeinadoWhat are your favorite spots in your neighborhood?
If, by some miracle, I have time to stop for a morning treat before work, I like to hit Rose Park Roasters in Long Beach for their perfect matcha hemp latte. In my work neighborhood, we love going to Vibe in Costa Mesa for lunch. They have the best bowls.
I try to make it to Europe almost every summer. And I always end up in Mallorca. My best friend is from there and it is definitely my favorite place in the world. My usual tips are to take plenty of healthy snacks for the plane ride there and back. Traveling with healthy options keeps me out of the hangry zone. So key, haha. I also like to throw my hair in a side braid with a little Hair Oil on the ends. This keeps my hair from getting static (such a pet peeve, don’t get me started), and when I get off the plane, I’ll have shiny wavy hair ☺


What's your dream vacation destination and what do you pack?
I honestly would love to go anywhere there is warm water to swim in. That’s the life for me. I like to pack things that would maybe be true to the local style, or something that could be out of a Slim Aarons photograph. I love wearing all white, French-y looking mini dresses, and all my local shoes from Mallorca. As for non-clothing items, I need all the OUAI Travel Size items, body oil, a new lipstick, and my health supplements, like spirulina and collagen, to balance out all the sangria and aperol spritzes!


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