OUAI Crush Sabina Socol ParisIf your Instagram bio says “journalist from Paris,” we’re already following you. If you’re flaunting French girl hair, then we’re probably cyber-stalking you two years deep. Thus is the evolution of our relationship with Sabina Socol, a Parisienne columnist for our faves, Who What Wear and Into The Gloss. After a period of working as a Social Editor for a major fashion magazine, she decided to quit her job to become a freelancer. And while you can't technically steal Sabina's très chic life, you can steal her lifeSTYLE by following her digital guide to her Paris, ahead.

OUAI Crush Sabina Socol Le Providence ParisI was born in Romania, but grew up all my life in France. I came to Paris ten years ago, for my studies. Back then, almost all of my friends were already living there, so I just couldn’t wait to join them! My first Parisian years were super intense and joyful. Over the course of my student years, I joined several fashion magazines as an intern, and decided to make a career out of it. I now work as a freelance journalist for several publications (US and France), and I simply love the freelancer life! Here are a few of my favorite Parisian spots.



Even as a Parisian, I love going to hotels. My favorites (and super trendy spots) for evening drinks or brunch are Le Pigalle, Le Grand Amour and Le Providence. They’re super "Instagrammable" too! You can go to Le Pigalle after a quick tour of the neighborhood and its super famous trademarks.

Le Providence "You’re a five minute walk away from Canal St Martin, which is also a trendy (maybe a bit less classic) and picturesque neighborhood of Paris.

The Ritz Carlton "For a real Parisian dive, you should grab a cocktail at the Ritz. It’s pricey, but it’s really worth it, and it’s kind of an historical Parisian dream place."

Sabina Socol OUAI Crush Ritz ParisMust-Have Meals

Le Marais "It’s not just for tourists. Parisians from Rive Droite actually really go there (myself included). It’s a specially nice area to walk around during the weekend, as it’s filled with nice shops and brunch spots. My favorites are Le Café Charlot (for drinks or brunch) and Le Marché des Enfants Rouges which is an open air market that offers the best food from all around the world. It’s kind of a go-to!"

OUAI Crush Sabina SocolSquare Gardette "The Square Gardette isn’t that known, it’s just the small park down my place. But it’s actually surrounded by some super cool restaurants (Le Square Gardette, Le Servan, L’Express, Les Niçois…) with a cool ambiance and very good food. My all-time favorite vintage shop is also here, La Mode Vintage."

Square Gardette Sabina SocolMuseums

Palais de Tokyo "The perfect museum for those who are not that into art (haha). Just kidding, it actually holds some super cool modern art exhibits, but also, it’s architecture is amazing, it’s great for sight seeing (as you can tell from the pictures), there’s a super cool restaurant inside (Monsieur Bleu) AND an old photo machine… so just perfect!"

"But most importantly, I just love walking everywhere in Paris. I almost never take the metro or anything else. Why? Well, they don’t call it the "most beautiful city in the world" for nothing…"

Grand Palais de Tokyo Sabina Socol

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