OUAI Crush Porscia Eve on Advice to First-Time Moms and Models

The role of mom requires juggling a million things at once, but being a working mom calls for eight arms, an endless supply of Advil, and beauty hacks that give you more time to snuggle with your babies. Model and mom to Aluna Lani, Porscia Eve (who both starred preciously in our Live Life Your OUAI Campaign) knows first-hand what mom life looks like. Here we asked the Huntington Beach-based how she balances it all, her advice to first-time moms, and the time-saving makeup tip that cuts her routine in half. 

You have a friend in town for 48 hours, where do you tell them to eat, shop and visit?
If this friend was from out of state, definitely In-n-Out, second choice would be Harbor House. I am all about a good bargain, so I’d definitely say let's shop in the fashion district, then I’d take them to visit Malibu and the Self Realization Temple.

Describe your everyday beauty routine.
I keep it pretty simple day to day. My go-to is mixing my foundation with my moisturizer to achieve a more natural coverage with a little bit of mascara. My hair has a mind of its own, so I typically let it do its thing.
OUAI Crush Porscia Eve
What’s your go-to night out look?
I love my Smashbox On the Rocks Eye Shadow Palette. I usually use the neutral tones and a pop of one of the colors like maroon or green, this shadow is shimmery so it's perfect for a night out. I also love to contour with my Morphe Contour Palette.

What’s a time saving beauty hack every girl should know?
Mixing your foundation with moisturizer and for light the coverage, it cuts a lot of the blending time.

Best book you’ve read recently?
I am currently reading a book called, Write to the Point by William Stott, it’s a really interesting perspective on writing, which is one of my passions. The best book I’ve read recently though is definitely “Oh the Places You’ll Go” by Dr. Seuss and that’s Alunas fav.

What’s a great Saturday night look like to you?
Snuggled up in jammies, next to Aluna (whose usually playing) either listening to music or just hanging out with Dad.

OUAI Crush Porscia Eve Live Life Your OUAI
What do you love most about your job?
I love my job as a mother, because there is nothing else that I have done that has been more rewarding. Watching her grow, seeing that smile and learning something new everyday like she does. It’s incredible.

I love my job as a model because it’s so inspiring and motivating to work and create with other artists in the field. Bring a moment to life, if you will.

What advice would you give a first-time mom?
If I had any advice to offer mommies-to-be, it would be to enjoy each state and expect the unexpected.

What about advice to a new model?
As a model, I would say just stay true to who you are, what kind of brands you’d like to represent and understand that what might work for other models may not work with you, and that’s okay.


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