Quirky hat, bold lip, bright ombré hair—it's impossible to miss Casey Carlson on the 'gram, the Minnesotan-turned-Angeleno slash fashion blogger who goes by Officially Quigley. In art teacher-chic meets 90's vibes, Quigley's steez has landed her collaborations with major brands like Urban Outfitters and Nasty Gal while charming shots of her and her hubby give way to couple goals galore (see for yourself). That she went from 2K to 80K followers on IG in just two years is no surprise, but how she did it has us scratching our heads. Keep reading to find out how she got her start in blogging, how she monetizes social media, the key to keeping her blonde not-brassy, and her wedding planning advice for brides-to-be.

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Let’s start off with your Instagram name—where did “Officially Quigley” come from?

I actually moved out to LA to make music! Quigley was my artist name and when I transitioned into blogging, I decided to keep it. I originally decided to use it for my music because my given name, Casey Carlson, didn’t really fit the music I was making. I wanted to use a family name, and Quigley is my great-grandparents’ last name! Quigley sounded more like an electro-pop name than Casey Carlson, which to me read “girl with a guitar.” Now I go by Quigley for blogging. It still fits my brand quite nicely!

You definitely dance to the beat of your own drum. How do you stay true to yourself, but also appeal to a broader audience on social media?
I think mainstream audiences are just looking for honesty and a genuine story. Whatever story you have to tell, tell it from the heart! People will always respond.

How did you get started in the blogging world?
I really accidentally fell into it! I had a lot of friends who were photographers, and I did shoots with them for fun. I’ve always loved fashion and putting outfits together. When I was working on my music, I started having brands contact me to send me gifts and so I used those gifts on photoshoots with friends and sort of watched my following grow. I thought, what would happen if I put 100% of my energy into this? Could it be a thing? So I went full-time and things are moving at a great pace!

How do you monetize your social media?
I monetize my social media through mostly paid posts, and also through offering content packages to brands. I have a unique skill in the fact that I can style, model, do hair/makeup and direct a shoot with a built-in PR platform. I’m basically a five jobs in one person!

Officially Quigley OUAI CrushWhat has been your favorite destination trip so far?
Bali! It was a vacation for my soul. I loved the people and the food. So healthy in every sense. Everyone was so kind and the food was all vegan! LOVE!!!

When you travel all over the world, how is that funded?
Traveling as a blogger is something that everyone wants to do! The best way to do this is to find partners who can provide stay and/or transportation in exchange for exposure and content.

You were just married. Tell us a little about the process. Did you have a wedding planner? Any advice on creating your dream wedding?
Getting married was a TON of work, but SO worth it! I did have a wedding planner, and I highly recommend having one if you can afford it. My best advice on planning a wedding is to make a list of your top three wants and needs and compare the list with your partner’s. Try to continue to touch base to make sure your planning is focused on those things, and if you’re off course, let some of the extraneous things take a back seat.

Who does your cut and color? (We love it!)
Thank you! Andy James, @andyjamespaints does my color and Tatiana Karelina @tatianakarelinaofficial does my extensions.

OUAI Crush Officially QuigleyHow do you keep your blonde looking fresh?
My favorite is purple shampoo, Fanola No Yellow Shampoo.

What’s your favorite OUAI product?
It’s a tie between the Texturizing Hair Spray and the Dry Shampoo!

We also dig all the different hats you wear. Inquiring hat lovers want to know, where’s the best place to buy them?
Thanks! I recommend Brandon Wise @thewisehatter. He's based on Abbot Kinney.

Best piece of advice you’d give anyone pursuing their own blog?
I would tell them to ask questions and have confidence that the answers are out there! Also, say YES as much as you can when starting out. Take every opportunity to collaborate and be creative. 

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