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With nearly half a million YouTube subscribers and more than quadruple that amount on Instagram, Makeup Shayla is doing more making waves in the beauty world—she's riding them like a pro. When she’s not pumping out makeup tutorials, she’s flying to Morocco with YSL Beauty or to Miami with Urban Decay, or releasing big collaborations with even bigger names (Maybelline and Pat McGrath, to name a fierce few). We have a lot to learn from the self-made makeup maven (who starred in our Live Life Your OUAI campaign), so we went straight to the source. Read on for Shayla’s advice on breaking into the digital space, her 2018 beauty predictions, and must-have hair products.

Neighborhood: Hi! I live in Downtown Los Angeles.

You have a friend in town for 48 hours, where do you tell them to eat, drink and shop?

If I had friends in town I would tell them to go shopping in Beverly Hills, eat at Sugarfish and have drinks at Perch.

Who does your cut/color?

My go-to stylist in LA is my friend O’rell, also know as @thatstyleguru. He does my hair quickly, loves learning new techniques, and we always have fun.

YouTube has become a super-saturated space—what recommendations would you give to someone who wants to break into doing tutorials today?

I built my following by posting consistently (everyday) on Instagram and Youtube. The most important thing to do it stay consistent and don’t give up, even when you feel like you’re not going anywhere. Your big break will come, just don’t give up.

What are your 2018 beauty predictions?

The next year is going to be big for the beauty industry. Your everyday Glam King or Queen is going to focus on bold lips and neutral eyes. Color is going to be a big focus close to the lash line and even on the lashes.

If you’re not doing your makeup for your channel or Instagram, what does your day consist of?

My day consists of answering emails, researching beauty inspiration, and touching base with my manager to make sure I'm not slacking, lol.

What is your favorite OUAI product?

The Clean Shampoo and Conditioner are my favorite all year around and when I have a curly weave, I love the Soft Mousse to hold my curls.

What’s a piece of beauty advice every girl should know?

I would say, we all have natural beauty. Wear makeup because you want to and not because you need to. Have fun with it!

Is there actually a secret to perfecting winged eyeliner?

Practice, practice, practice! Find a YouTube video and try it out. It’s easier than it looks.

What’s something you do everyday that you think has contributed to your success?

Every morning (well, five days a week) I wake up and workout. It’s an hour dedicated to myself without distractions. I think that’s an important part of staying sane in this social media world.


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