Thick, shiny and lust-worthy, the mane of French model Laura Bensadoun oozes effortless Parisian meets New York edge. Rarely is one blessed with locks as luscious as Bensadoun so naturally we had to know her secrets (because French girls know the best). You’ll be shocked by her ultra-minimal routine and might find yourself adopting her less-is-more mane mentality in exchange for healthy locks, ahead.

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I was studying Communication and Journalism for four years in a school, and when I ended my courses in Paris, I decided to move for modeling in New York six months ago. I’m currently working with my sister on the launch of our swimwear brand! I’ve been modeling for six years now and taking care of my skin, hair, and body is part of my job. So here is a bit more about my hair routine, and some tips:

I have a lot of hair, and it’s very thick. It's straight most of the time, not especially dry or damaged, so I like to wear my hair natural or in classic hairstyles like a plated ponytail. But for an easy style that isn't damaging, I create two braids before I sleep so I wake up with my hair a little bit wavy. Otherwise I like to wear it in a simple, messy bun to keep my hair off my back, because it's super heavy.

I like to put OUAI Hair Oil on the lengths and ends to hydrate and smooth my hair, especially after a big job. Nothing special otherwise! The rest of the time I just really try to avoid hair devices when I don’t work.

I’ve learned to not wash my hair too much like I used to. The more you wash your hair, the faster it gets dirty. I know everybody says that, but it’s the pure truth! I wash my hair every four days, and I’m trying to use only products that don’t have any sulfates or parabens. Also, like our skin, when you eat well, you have healthier hair. Lastly, avoiding the straightener or any other heat devices. Occasional heat is okay but if it’s a daily use, it really ruins your hair.

I definitely love the OUAI Dry Shampoo Foam and OUAI Air Dry Foam!! I like to use it when I want to go one more day before I wash my hair, and compared to other dry shampoos, it leaves my hair fresh with a feeling of cleanliness. Otherwise, I love conditioners from Moroccanoil, they are amazing and made without sulfates too. The OUAI Rose Hair & Body Oil is also one of my go-to daily products.

I don’t cut my hair that often, but every six months I would go to a very simple but good hairdresser close to my place in Paris. But now that I moved to New York, I haven’t found my new spot here yet!! I don’t color my hair, but when it’s for a job, it’s always done by a professional colorists. 

Nope, I don't dye my hair! Sometimes I have to when it’s for a big hair modeling job, but that’s the only time I do dye my hair. I never accept to bleach my hair however, that’s the worst for your hair. And I try to limit dye as much as possible.

Healthy hair routine French girl hair tips OUAI Hair Oil OUAI Air Dry Foam


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