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It’s not only her charming accent and chillax style that draw us to Aussie dame and blogger turned business boss Elle Ferguson—no, those make just the tip of her badass iceberg. Lest we forget Elle's beachy-blonde boho mane (her aura is the definition of effortless) or the blog she and her BFF created, They All Hate Us, where a shoppable curation of clothes makes us feel as though Elle is our online personal shopper. From her secret beauty weapon to advice for budding fashion bloggers, this girl from down under gets us—keep reading for a breath of fresh Elle.


Top products you can’t live without?

My curling wand. It goes everywhere with me! In fact, when I travel I take two, just in case. I have my makeup sorted to a bare minimum that just works for me:

Foundation: Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk and La Prairie Skin Caviar

Setting Powder: MAC Mineralised Powder in medium brown

Bronzer: NARS Laguna

Under eye concealer: Ellis Faas in S201

Highlighter: Becca Powder

Blush: BY Rosie Rose Cheek Tint

Mascara: Dior Pump’n’show

Eyeliner: Nude by MAC

This is all in a super easy carry-all makeup bag and it pretty much goes where I go as I never know what I may be doing throughout the day.


In the past couple of years, you’ve transitioned your blog to an e-commerce site (which we love). Can you share a little bit about how you made that decision?

The online store was born when we found that SO many people wanted to know where we (my business partner Tash Sefton and I) were buying our clothes and when I mean clothes, I mean the essentials. Like the perfect white T shirt, black blazer, skinny jean… the list goes on. So instead of sending people out into the vortex of the internet and online shopping, we simplified it and offer 10 must-have items for the month. We take the hard work out of online shopping and tell you what you need (at a great price) and how to wear it.


Do you think there’s still room for new fashion bloggers? Do you have any advice for someone who is looking to break in?

Of course there is! We are constantly evolving and what is so amazing about the time we are living in right now is that ANYONE can do it!!! There is no one saying you can’t. You can literally start something from your lounge overnight. My only advice is to be genuine and stay true to YOU.


Who does your cut and color?

Well I was lucky enough that Jen (Atkin) cut my hair back in January and I prayed that my hair wouldn’t grow because I LOVED the cut so much! Other than that, I have a tight team that I’ve been going to for years. Remington from Edwards & Co has been doing my hair for over 10 years and Ash from Valonz has been doing my colour for the past two years.

OUAI Crush Elle Ferguson Live Life Your OUAI Campaign

What do you think the primary difference is between the Australian approach to beauty and the American approach?

Ooh, this is a good one. Personally, I think Aussies' approach to beauty is a little more relaxed (I think it comes from being so close to the water, we always have that element of slightly beachy and undone). But we take so much inspiration from America as they seem to be first with everything and you can get everything. For example, the KNC lip masks that I love- you can’t even get them in Australia yet (hence why I stocked up on my last visit). I love being in the states surrounded by all the beauty and techniques. It's liberating!


Favorite OUAI Product:

Without a doubt the Texturizing Hair Spray—cannot live without it.


Do you have a beauty secret weapon?

Hmmm, I really think when you’re happy and you’re kind, you shine from within. I know it sounds silly but beauty really does come from the inside.


Where can we find you on a Saturday night when you’re in Australia?

In Bondi we have a saying that once you’re in the ‘Bondi Bubble’ you never leave and that’s so true. I’d prob be having dinner with my BF after a day at the beach.


You have a friend in town for 48 hours, where do you tell them to eat, drink, and shop?

They would start with shopping at The Intersection Paddington where they can shop all of Aussies' best designers, including my sister’s amazing store Babyanything, followed by lunch down in Bondi. You can walk through the markets and grab some food or head to Bills at Bondi for a long lunch. After lunch, a swim at North Bondi then a quick shop down Gould street and Ice Bergs for dinner. If you had an extra day, get on the plane to Byron Bay… you’ll be extending the trip!


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OUAI Crush Elle Ferguson Live Life Your OUAI Campaign


Texturizing Hair Spray