Entrepreneur, blogger, designer and bronzed goddess—Devin Brugman is an enigma clad in a bikini. With business partner and BFF Natasha Oakley, Brugman, a Maui native, turned her love for the beach lifestyle into two thriving swimsuit brands. Here the co-creator of A Bikini A Day and Monday Swimwear shares how she translated a passion into a profitable endeavor among a competitive e-comm market, the key to her ever-glowing tan and daily hair routine.

What inspired you and Natasha Oakley to create A Bikini A Day and Monday Swimwear? 

Natasha and I grew up close to beaches, myself a Maui girl and Natasha from Sydney. We spent a lot of time on the beach and basically lived in bikinis. A Bikini A Day came to life purely out of our love for swimwear and the lifestyle that surrounds the beach. Monday Swimwear naturally came next after wearing literally thousands of different bikinis. We felt the market lacked comfortable, form fitting, and sexy swim that flatters all shapes! Natasha and I are both curvy women, so we were inspired to create swim we love to wear that actually fits. 

You’re the hottest SHE-E-O duo! How did you two meet? 

Well, thanks!! Natasha and I actually met when Natasha moved to Hawaii. Thanks to our friends at Facebook we were able to connect through mutual friends and then met in person and totally clicked.  

What’s one fact about your job that a lot of people would be surprised to know? 

A lot of people assume that Natasha and I have partners in our company. That is not true. We have no investors and no partners. Natasha and myself own 100% of the company and are proud that we have gotten it to the place it is at today. 

What was your first fashion job ever and what, if anything, did it teach you about life or business? 

I worked in retail throughout college at a Swedish streetwear brand called WESC. Working in the shop taught me so much about the way retail is structured, about how to interact with customers and fellow employees and how to account for inventory.   

Where do you get inspiration from for the pieces in your collections? 

A lot of our inspiration comes from our travels. Natasha and I always keep Monday Swimwear at the top of our minds when we are traveling and pull a lot of our color and style inspiration from the amazing countries we visit and women we meet!

What are three tips or things that helped you grow your career/business in a world full of swimwear e-commerce brands? 

  1. Stay focused on your mission. There is such a large market for swim, there is room for all brands to be successful! Natasha and I have a really unique mission that motivates us to keep our brand growing!
  2. Stay connected. The e-commerce world is growing at such a rapid pace, staying plugged in and relevant with the latest apps, tools, and systems can keep your business on/ahead of the curve
  3. Having an amazing support group. The team we have built at Monday Swimwear is like family to us. We are so lucky to have such an incredible and hardworking all woman team!  

Name one phone app that changed your life. 

Reminders! I literally set reminders for the smallest tasks that sometimes get lost in the shuffle. With so many large projects in the works, setting a reminder to send my sister flowers or respond to my friend’s text I received during a meeting and ignored helps keep me feeling normal!

Break down your everyday hair routine for us.  

My everyday hair routine is pretty simple. When I get out the shower, I like to towel dry my hair and leave it for a few minutes as I move on to moisturize my face and body. I usually return to my hair when its damp and spray OUAI Wave Spray at the bottom of hair. I like to then blow dry my hair for about a minute, leaving it damp still. When its air dried a little more, I add OUAI Volumizing Hair Spray + OUAI Dry Texture Foam evenly to the bottom of my hair. If I’m in a dry climate, I like to add some oil to the bottom of my hair. OUAI Hair Oil is my favorite! I know I use a lot of OUAI products but they really are the best!

Your tan is flawless. Any tips for a tanning amateur on getting/maintaining that supermodel glow?

I’ve found that having a perfect tan is about gradually growing it. I like to use a lot of SPF and re-apply every few hours and never get sun on my face! My after-sun care includes lots of moisturizer. I’ve recently started using OUAI's After Sun Body Soother and absolutely love it!

Because you’re a Maui native and probably know the best places to go—if I’m only in Maui for 40 hours, where do I HAVE to go?

Mama's Fish House is my favorite restaurant in the world! I cant go to Maui without booking a dinner there. Tip- make a reservation in advance as they book up for months!!

Is there a book or podcast you think every businesswoman should read? 

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, #GirlBoss, Thrive. I also love the Goop Podcast

Since you’re a pro at soaking up the sun, do you have any favorite SPF products we should know about for face, lips and body? 

I love Coola Sunscreen. They make a range of face, body, and sprays that all work amazing and smell great!

Do you have any tips on maintaining hair color for sun junkies? 

Wear a hat! Look into a good hair SPF, and be mindful of chlorine!

Favorite Instagram accounts to follow?

Obsessed with @katiejanehughes at the moment! @jenatkinhair, of course ;) I love @chrissyteigen because she’s hilarious and her kids are ADORABLE and @emrata because she’s so HOT. I also follow too many cute animal accounts haha. 

Your go-to sunglasses for a day of laying out? 

Obsessed with Retrosuperfuture at the moment.  


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