Andreea Cristina is a travel and beauty blogger that chronicles her life on her social channels and blog. She's the girl next door that loves everything nature and prefers to be in a hammock instead of a bed. She fell into blogging when she left her career in finance and has never looked back. She's all about the simple approach in life, when it comes to food, cosmetics and especially hair.



Simply Andreea is… the blog I started as a place for young millennials to have conversations about subjects that are current and relevant to us. It features a lot of my travel destinations, recipes I love, beauty tips and fashion.

What can we find on your YouTube channel?

My YouTube channel is mainly travel and beauty oriented with some cooking sprinkled in between. I love doing quick and easy hair and makeup tutorials for the girl that likes a more natural/girl next door look. Glam is definitely not my thing lol. I think if you asked me to contour my face properly I was look at you very confused. I also just started a new series called Bloggers talk Beauty+Boys, and it's been really fun to have guest bloggers on the show and have candid conversations about subjects like dating and weight standards in the industry. I look forward to more episodes like that :)

How did you start your blogging career?

Honestly, it kind of happened by mistake. I was taking a break from my career in private banking and I decided to go to cooking school. Then I started a small tumbler to post recipes and fashion finds and candid pieces about my life and what I was going through and it just kind of took off. My friend mentioned I should switch it to a Wordpress platform and focus on it seriously and my blog was born.

Tell us a little bit about your morning routine?

My morning routine varies greatly from day to day but I guess there's some sort of makeup application and a cute hairstyle that happens. I shoot frequently, so if I have a job or shoot that day I take a bit more time getting ready. I do have a few products that I use regardless of the day I'm going to have. My Glossier priming moisturizer, a must have under any makeup and my Ouai Texturizing Hair Spray! I can't leave home without it! It gives my hair the extra boost it needs mid day or mid shoot.

Andreea Cristina

What are three products you can't live without right now?

Currently I'm really into a skincare line named Tula and I love their probiotic based cleanser. Is so gently and smells so great!

I also use the Ouai Rose Hair & Body Oil!! I seriously want to bathe in it. It smells amazing and I love that it can go on my skin or smooth and moisturize my hair. Muti-purpose products are amazing especially when I'm traveling.

Favorite OUAI Product?

The Ouai Dry Shampoo is my favorite because I hate to wash my hair! I also workout frequently so washing and re-styling my hair after every workout is just not an option. It works fast to give my roots a boost and doesn't leave any reside as most dry shampoos usually do. This is another great product when I travel! I seriously need this in a travel size now haha

What are three things you’re buying for Spring?

Platform shoes, wrap dresses and lots of flowers for my home!

Any hair tips and tricks? (this could be a hair hack that saves you time, or something like sleeping in coconut oil or taking a supplement)

I'm always living out of a carry-on so packing light is a necessity. If I have to travel with one thing I bring a straightener! I love using a straightener to curl my hair and straighten it. Also it's great to give the roots some volume especially when used with the Ouai Texturizing Hair Spray.

What are some of your favorite spots in LA?

LA has been my home base especially for work for some time now. I spend a lot of time on the west side by the water. One of my favorite spots to get away is Malibu Cafe in the mountains. When I'm there it's seems like I'm not in LA! It's a great atmosphere with where you can bring a bigger group of friends and just chill. Great drinks, fun games and good music.

For some beach time I drive up to Malibu, there's some great beaches that are never busy, even in the peak of summer. One of my favorite happy hour spots to watch the sun go down over the water is the Sunset Restaurant on Westward beach. In January and February, you can even see some whales about a 100 yards off the beach.

My go to salon in LA is the Martinez-Samuel salon on sunset. My friend Jeremiah has been cutting my hair since I moved to LA 8 years ago! He's the one responsible for my long bob currently.

I honestly don't shop much in person these days. Most of my shopping gets done on line as usually curated off Instagram.

As for coffee, I love abbot Kinney! So many greats spots for coffee there, I can't count them all.

Advice you have to young girls who want a career in the beauty/ fashion industry?

The advice I would give anyone trying to start a career in beauty and fashion would be to be authentic. I see so many people post stuff that they see others post because it's trendy or what not but then you all end up being the same and how will you grow an audience that is loyal to you? Be unique and stay true to yourself and be consistent. Eventually, the right career track will unfold before you and you just need to be open minded enough to take it.

What are the last three items you added to your closet?

A pair of Superga platform sneakers in white, a pretty floral print dress by Farm and a workout outfit from Slinkii (a brand my friend Pia started and I love the fit of their pants so much)

What's your dream vacation destination and what do you pack?

I'm kind of obsessed with going to Morocco this year! I think I would pack light colorful dresses, breathable fabrics and really cute sandals. Some nice linen pants and some amazing sunnies! I can't wait to camp in the desert there! That's definitely where the Ouai Dry Shampoo and Texturizing Hair Spray will come in handy!


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