Ouai Crush Amy Serrano is a wardrobe stylist who also happens to run her personal blog and YouTube channel. When she’s not blogging about her beauty secrets and wardrobe tips, she’s planning her next trip. Get to know more about Amy below.

OUAI Crush Amy Serrano

First things, first tell us about yourself.

I’m a California native and a wardrobe stylist by day, er when there’s work (that freelance life). I also run my personal blog and Youtube channel. While I’m not strolling the aisles at Sephora or poking my head through racks of clothes I’ll find any excuse to travel.

Pepperpout is…

A visual diary of my personal style and effortless approach to beauty. It's also an outlet I use to share tips and tricks I’ve picked up from being on so many sets and red carpets alongside inspiring creatives through my years of assisting as a stylist. I always poke my nose into hair and makeup and see what products and techniques they are using so I thought, why not share the wealth?

OUAI Crush

What can we find on your YouTube channel?

I love sharing my easy, unskilled approach to beauty. I want to make everyone feel like they can achieve any of the looks I create (no Pinterest fails here) and inspire people to embrace their natural beauty. So you’ll find a lot of simple makeup and hair tutorials. For fashion, I love to share my point of view as a wardrobe stylist and help people develop their personal style.

How did you start your blogging career?

As an avid reader of blogs throughout my college years, I’ve always wanted my own little corner on the internet to share my views and showcase my personal style. After so many years of coming up with excuses, “it wasn’t the right this or that,” I finally got on wordpress.org and created Pepperpout. (pepper because of my last name Serrano). I’ll admit I wasn’t consistent with it and the lack of readership was discouraging so I decided to join Youtube because I always had a way with video production. Filming and editing have always satisfied my creative juices more than writing has. So I launched my Youtube channel, and this past October and really dedicated time to it. I started by posting a lot of Halloween costume tutorials (Selena was my most popular) and my channel has been growing consistently since then.

OUAI Haircare Crush

Tell us a little bit about your morning routine?

I absolutely love to rise with the sun. I have these huge windows in my room and I purposely leave them open so I feel the sun shine through my room. I’m a self-proclaimed sun child and I swear the sun puts me in such a good mood. I usually start by making my bed and jumping into the shower. I’ve been trying this new thing of not over cleansing my face. At night I'll do a thorough double cleanse so in the AM I splash my face with water. Out of habit, I’ll occasionally find myself using a pump of Glossier Milky Jelly but I feel good about it because it doesn’t leave my face feeling stripped. When I’m out of the shower I’ll take Thayers Witch Hazel w/ Rose on a cotton pad and swipe to tone my face. Lately, I’ve been into the Embroylisse Lait Creme and then I’ll follow with Glossier Invisible Shield for SPF. If I’m home for the day I’ll usually go make myself a coffee and also a green smoothie while I catch up on emails and reply to any comments on my Youtube channel or Instagram. I also usually take this time to write in my gratitude journal where I’ll list 10 things I’m grateful for each morning. I love having really relaxed mornings even the days that I work. For hair, I’ll touch up a few pieces by waving my hair with a flat iron and then giving it an undone look with Texturizing Hair Spray and the OUAI Wave Spray.

OUAI Crush Amy Serrano

What are three products you can't live without right now?

Coconut Oil. I’m one of those that believe it truly is a cure-all. Elizabeth and James Nirvana Bourbon perfume. The fragrance makes me feel strong and sexy. Pixi Beauty Peel + Polish. It's a product that works after one use and is instantly gratifying. I’m so obsessed!

Favorite OUAI Product?

The OUAI Wave Spray. The first product I tried from the OUAI line. I love applying it to damp hair when I have a Brazilian blowout to create the coveted “cool girl” hair. I also apply it to blow dried hair just to reactivate some of my natural texture. I’m a huge fan of lived-in hair and this product helps me achieve it. I even use it when I’m slicking my hair into a bun because it helps smooth my baby hairs but mainly because I’m obsessed with how it makes my hair smell.

OUAI Crush Amy

Any hair tips and tricks? 

I’m obsessed with hair masques and my favorite trick is to apply it and then sit in the sauna. The heat allows the mask to penetrate. If you don’t have access to a sauna I also love to work out in a hair mask and your own body heat warms it up and has the same effect. I literally have no shame I’ll roll to the grocery store with a hair mask on.

Who is your hair icon?

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. I’ve been getting hair inspo from them since I was 5. I even bought a Mary Kate and Ashley branded curling iron in middle school in hopes of achieving their spiral waves. A decade later and I’m still trying to iron my way to their perfectly un-done locks.


Advice you have to young girls who want a career in the beauty/fashion industry? 

I’ll borrow from Nike here but “Just Do It” Whatever you have on your goals list if you want it badly enough you’ll figure out a way achieve it. Don’t listen to negative self-talk or fear especially worrying about what people will think because it will impede you. There’s never a “perfect” time to do anything so you just have to go after it even if you don’t have everything figured out. In reality, NO ONE does we all learn along the way, even those who seem to have it all figured out. Celebrate your victories, including the small ones and always stay grateful. Especially in the beauty/fashion industry because it’s very small and you always run into the same people even if you think you won’t.

Heatless hair hack everyone should know?

Definitely my straight hair hack with no heat, which you can find on my YouTube.


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