OUAI Crush: Alex Muskat

OUAI’s May Crush, Alex Muskat is an all-around creative mastermind. A painter and creative director for the beauty and fashion industry in Los Angeles. Alex gives you her favorite spots in Los Angeles, summer travel plans and career advice on making it into the fashion and beauty industry.    


Tell us a little bit about your morning routine.

My mornings have really streamlined ever since I started regularly waking up before 8 am. I’d say my routine is as relaxed as I can possibly get away with. During the week, I’ll wake up and head over to my Nespresso machine as soon as my alarm goes off... Eyes still closed. Then I take a cotton ball with Thayers toner and do a once-over of my face, then cleanse with Youth To The People Age Prevention Cleanser – It’s all natural and very gentle. Age prevention is also a complete plus and something I’ve really become interested in the deeper into my 20s I get. I put on some Tu’El vitamin C oil on after then do a light makeup routine- highlighter, clear brow gel, maybe some light bronzer if I’m feeling a bit pale. Then I assess my hair – if it’s lifeless then I'll spray OUAI Dry Shampoo in for some added texture but my hair is usually dry from bleach, so a quick comb through and OUAI Rose Hair & Body Oil will do the trick. I’ll either leave it down and disheveled or sleek in a low bun. I then spray on some perfume--Diptyque Olene or Le Labo Lys 41 and throw on clothes.

What are three products you can't live without right now?

Breydo Gypsy Water Hand Cream- When you combine anything French with anything Swedish dream products are born. There is something about this scent that makes me get completely lost in it, it’s intoxicating. I also find it super sexy that your fragrance could simply be from your hand/body cream. It’s sort of unexpected and effortless.

Olio E Osso Lip Balm- I will be the first person to admit my addiction to lip balm. I always have about 5 on me at all times- of varying price points and scents – but Olio E Osso Lip Balms take it to another level. First off, any multipurpose product is such a plus – I put their balm on my eyebrows, eyelids, hands, and lips.

Youth To The People Cleanser- This cleanser really made me grow up with my skincare routine. First off-it’s beautiful and all natural. I eat really clean already, and love that this product is made with fresh pressed juice & full of vitamins. It’s also super gentle which is great for me because I have super dry skin. It doesn’t strip the skin like other cleansers do. It’s definitely something that makes me really happy.

Favorite OUAI Product?

OUAI Rose Hair & Body Oil- I love using oils in my hair & on my skin. This one is especially amazing because the light rose leaves a lingering scent on my skin that I like layering with perfume. My hair is really dry so I end up putting this oil on my hair every morning and evening – then I’ll just rub in any excess oil I have onto my skin.

I have also been loving the OUAI Finishing Crème because it leaves my hair feeling sleek and frizz free post blow dry. For someone with really thick hair, this product is really a game changer. The light white flower scent is also pretty addicting.

OUAI Haircare Ouai Crush

What are three things you’re buying for summer?

Corseted dresses, white linen, and a ticket to Paris.

Any hair tips and tricks?

When I wake up in the morning early and don’t necessarily feel super chic, I find that starting the morning with my hair twisted in a super tight low bun makes me feel more put together and makes my outfit for the day look more stylized and intentional. The plus with this look is the fact that I can load my dry hair with OUAI Rose Hair & Body Oil before putting it back, so around 1-2PM when I take my hair down I have a nice easy wave and shiny hair.

What are your favorite spots in Los Angeles; hair salon, coffee, drinks, shopping etc.

My favorite spots in LA really vary. I go to this place called Flore in Silver Lake all the time because it reminds me of vegan food I grew up with, it’s so comforting to me for some reason. For a glass of wine I’ll walk down the street in my neighborhood to a little bar called El Prado- the place smells like palo santo and has wood-paneled walls, amber lighting, and record nights every Tuesday. My true favorite spot in LA would have to be Chateau Marmont. I sort of find any excuse to go there because it’s so lovely. My last favorite LA spot would have to be Stories in Echo Park. I’ll go grab coffee & work from there to get a change of scenery and end up leaving with 6 vintage books.

Advice you have to young girls who want a career in the beauty/ fashion industry? 

If I were to give any advice for young girls wanting a career in fashion/beauty- I would say to have a looser idea of what you want your end goal to be. This industry is all about being open-minded to all the possible career choices. Start somewhere- start at a small company- get your hand in everything & you’ll find what you truly love- then work hard and follow the opportunities. Somewhere along the way your dream career will unfold.

What are the last three items you added to your closet?

Who What Wear Target Collection Polka Dot Jumpsuit that I wear a white T under with sneakers & a leather jacket.

Floral Avec Les Filles Top that I pair with floral Flynn Skye overalls for a modern spring look.

Faithfull the Brand black linen shirt dress- I throw this piece on over everything; it’s the perfect little summer dress and because it’s black linen, it can also be dressed up for an evening out to dinner.

What's your dream summer destination spot and what do you pack?

This summer I’m planning a trip to Paris in early September. Because I live in LA, escaping somewhere super hot isn’t always my first choice for a vacation. When I find time off- Paris is pretty much where I want to be. I plan on bringing tons of sneakers, linen dresses, and statement blouses to wear with T shirts & jeans. I like to be effortless in Paris with a few really elegant accessories.


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